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Jason Hope is Focused on the Future

Jason Hope, entrepreneur and investor is very knowledgeable about technology and very involved with using his knowledge to predict where the future will be taking us. He focuses on the uses of unorthodox and innovative technological thinking. Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and has donated to anti-aging research.

Helping people to live longer in today’s world is still mostly about treating illnesses that they already have, but there is a whole other realm of possibilities focused on preventing illnesses from ever happening and helping people prepare proactively for aging. It is this field of rejuvenation biotechnologies which interest Jason Hope and have received his support. In 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation which works to find treatments for numerous diseases including Alzheimer’s and cancer. The SENS Foundation focuses on preventing and repairing the body’s metabolic damages as people age, thus preventing the damage that leads to deadly pathologies. Being proactive rather than just reactive will give people not just longer lives but also good quality lives.

One of the SENS Foundation’s pioneering projects is AGE-breaker. AGE is a type of metabolic waste that builds up in the body as people age and leads to degenerative consequences that further age the mind and body. The loss of elasticity in blood vessels is one such negative process. As the body’s blood supply then works inadequately, tiredness can result as well as unwanted appearances of aging such as the degeneration of the skin, not to mention serious consequences such as heart and brain diseases. By finding ways to remove the AGE which causes and accompanies degenerative diseases, people will benefit in so many ways, staying more mobile, looking younger and staying healthier in general.

For so long aging has been about deterioration even if people live to advanced ages. For Jason Hope, a longer life must mean a healthier, better quality life. That is where his thoughts and contributions are focused.

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