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OSI Food Solutions Management

OSI Food Solutions is a global business dealing with consumer goods it has headquarters based in Illinois. Despite the humble beginnings of OSI the company has expanded establishing 65 facilities in 17 countries. In 1909 the OSI was a small butchery supplying meat to people of Chicago later the sons of Otto Kolschowsky partnered with Ray Kroc serving as the Franchiser for the McDonalds. They used the franchising strategy that led to the expansion in the market. Otto Sons expanded the company, and in 1975 they changed the name to OSI Industries they used O and S to serve as the reminder for their background. After changing the name, there was a need to improve the management; hence they included Sheldon Laving who previously served as a consultant.

Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO for OSI Food Solutions proving his skills and experience; he works closely with the other employees ensuring that they conduct the beef, poultry, and veggies processing effectively. More than 10,000 employees are serving in different facilities. They help customers with hot dogs, Sausages, chicken products, frozen entrees, meat Patties, and Fish products. Since there was an increasing number of vegetarians across the globe OSI Food Solutions had to introduce vegetables in the menu they also serve beans and fresh salsa. They have joined forces with the local distributors ensuring that they serve local customers.

For the food Safety OSI Food Solutions has hired an expert Dr. Kenneth Petersen as the head of the quality assurance department ensures that all food provided in all OSI facilities have met all the set health standards. He previously worked for the Food Inspection Company as well as the IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group gaining extensive skills and knowledge on the food safety status. Dr. Kenneth is a Master Holder of Public Health and a doctorate in the field of Veterinary Medicine.

OSI Food Solutions has taken the initiative of purchasing other food products including Baho and Tyson Food Plants ensuring they have enough resources to supply food to all their customers. Their costs are relatively low hence attracting more customers. The expansion aims at also improving the shipping process.