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William Saito An Innovator in the Technology Industry

William Saito is a first-generation Japanese-American, tech entrepreneur, businessman, venture capitalist and cybersecurity expert. His parents moved to Las Angeles two years before Saito was born; he grew up speaking Japanese and had challenges learning English. He was raised a couple hours from Silicon Valley, the tech stronghold since the early 1970’s. Since an extremely young age, his computer expertise and his interest in taking things apart, learning how they work and then reassembling them has led to a long and successful technology career.

Saito has chronicled his adventures in technology in his book: An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur. The book describes how his parents took out a second mortgage on their home to purchase a computer for him for $5,000 to help increase his math and science skills. Of course, he immediately took it apart and put it back together.

When William Saito got his first internship at the age of 10, the internet was in its infancy, with dial up services like America Online hitting its stride. He also found a network of other tech geeks through a dial-in bulletin-board system (BBS), which enabled him to become part of a network of like-minded computer “geeks.” This network led him to projects translating Japanese software and the development of a shareware program with Microsoft called ProComm.

Saito soon learned learned how to program computer languages, wrote computer programs for Merrill Lynch and started his software company, I/O, all before graduating college. He later sold I/O to Microsoft.

William Saito has been acknowledged as a tech innovator and received numerous accolades for his accomplishments. In 1992, his joint venture with Microsoft ProComm Plus for Winders was the most popular software program according to PC Magazine. He was recognized as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998 and named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2011.

Saito’s story is one of inspiration and striving to be a leader in a growing, burgeoning industry.