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Wedding Tech in the Future

In the days past, planning a wedding was a very time consuming and tedious. In days of the future, planning a wedding will become effortless as the technology available to couples advances. An interesting article in the Huffington Post takes a look at wedding planning then and now.

In part of a three part series, author Matt Douglass discusses new websites, apps, and technology available to help with various aspects of wedding planning including wedding registries, attire, and websites.

Douglass begins by discussing how registering for weddings in the past included scanner technology that allowed couples to spend a day at their favorite stores, scan the items they desired, and upload them to a registry for that store. New technology allows consumers to create online registry’s from multiple stores all on one site, such as The Knot as well as allow guests to deposit money towards a fund for the couple using sites like Honeyfund. Douglass discusses the future of wedding registries by talking about a new company called Slyce.

Slyce allows it’s users to snap a picture of an item that they like and then it brings multiple listings for items of that type. It’s called a visual search. It uses an intuitive universal scanner to search for the users request.

The Slyce software uses different approaches to find what users want. You can snap a picture of the item in question and receive a list of related items. You can scan a QR code, coupon, or even a 2-D image a be provided with an exact match as to your request.

Douglas also discusses the traditional approach to wedding attire shopping in the past by comparing it to now. Before it was an all day/multiple day event to find the perfect one. Current trends see more and more brides and grooms renting or buying used wedding attire by accessing sites like Borrowing Magnolia. Douglass thinks more engaged couples will choose this route and that the textile industry will in such a way that will allow customized attire to be more easily attained.

The last part of Douglass’s article discusses wedding websites past, present, and future. In the past, the time it took to create and build a website was immense. Now couples can use sites such as TheKnot or Weddingwire to create a wedding focused site or build a quick site using websites such as Wix or SqaureSpace. The future will bring a shift from traditional weddings to digital weddings where everything from invites to RSVP’s are handled online through the wedding website.