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Xerem Flooding Shows The Emergency Response Skills Of Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is well known on twitter and in Brazil as the State Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro and as one of the best known medical professionals in South America. Upon his appointment to the role of Secretary of Health Cortes set about assembling an impressive team of individuals to care for the health of the people of the state. Extra explains just how important the assembly of a team of medical professionals and administrators became when the Xerem region was struck by severe flooding in 2013.

Sergio Cortes has spent the majority of his Linked In career seeking out the best ways of assisting the people of the world in having access to the best information on how to remain as healthy as possible. Amongst the ways Cortes has sought to educate and inform the public include his own Website and many social media platforms, including Twitter and Linkedin. Responding in a timely fashion to any medical emergency is important to Cortes and remains so in his personal response to the growing crisis caused by the Zika virus; Cortes has discussed the crisis with Dino to provide information on symptoms to be looked for amongst the many communities affected.

The problems caused by the 2013 flooding in Xerem required a quick response from health officials in the state of Rio de Janeiro, including Sergio Cortes who spent a large amount of time in the area as the crisis happened. The first step for Cortes was to undertake a series of monitoring options that included establishing just what was needed within the Xerem region. Working with national agencies saw Cortes and the officials he appointed distribute an initial emergency response kit supplied by national health authorities. This emergency kit included antibiotics and other medical equipment designed to treat people affected by medical conditions caused by the flooding problems.

Cortes continued to remain in close contact with the national health agencies supplying disaster supplies and conducting medical tests on the people of Xerem to make sure any outbreak of illness could be quickly controlled. The team created by Cortes includes a number of specialists who quickly identified the need for clean water in the area, which led to the establishment of hydration centers capable of providing clean water for around 300 people per day in the flood ravaged area.