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Hacks of Running a Productive Business with Perry Mandera

In business, we learn from those who have succeeded before us. Perry Mandera is an icon of hope and a role model to businessmen around the globe. He is the founder and CEO of the custom companies Inc. an international transportation company. He showcases the right acumen for entrepreneurship and philanthropic activities.

Perry Mandera started serving in the transport industry in the marine sector. In his position, he learned how to manage large scale transportation systems as well as how to operate commercial vehicles. Prior to entrepreneurship, Perry has public service skills. After leaving the military he served a four-year term as the 26th ward Republican ward committeeman. He was the youngest ward committeeman during that time.

To kick off his entrepreneurship career Perry Mandera founded the Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. Leveraging on skills learned in the military and public service, he stresses on customer service and service beyond the call of duty. Setting the right strategies and enhancing teamwork, Perry grew the business from two commercial trucks to an international transport company with a fleet of trucks.

In his management process, Perry stresses on adequate planning. He believes that when things are started in the wrong way, they usually end wrong. Therefore, planning is a crucial stage in the decision-making process. Good planning results in efficient time and resource management (MyLife).

Planning also helps identify potential risks and therefore come up with mitigation factors. The cost of fixing a risk is way higher than the cost of eliminating the risk before it occurs. The other principle of Perry Mandera is good utilization of resources. His success can be traced in his commitment towards running a multinational transport company. As a businessman, Perry Mandera encourages people to manage their time effectively. The other crucial factor is a well-laid communication system. A constructive communication system between the employees and the management and the company and its clients help to eliminate false and misinformed information.

Besides being a businessman Perry Mandera is a philanthropist. He severally sets a portion of his fortunes to give back to the community and support charity endeavors. He mainly does this using the charitable organ of his company which has earned his reputation as one of the leading philanthropists in Chicago.

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