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“Queens Of Drama” Seek To Produce New Drama

The daytime TV industry has been changing by large amounts over the last few years as the traditional soap opera genre has been replaced by reality TV and game shows. In response to the ever growing number of unscripted and scripted reality TV being shown a group of former soap opera stars have recently joined forces to create a production company charged with providing networks with a new daytime drama. The “Queens Of Drama” are an all female production company who feel they can provide a high quality drama in a modern style that will be picked up after a successful pilot by a major TV network.

The “Queens Of Drama” include some of the best known faces from soap operas including “The Bold And The Beautiful” and “Guiding Light”. One of the best loved stars of the show is a former “Guiding Light” actress who is now best known for her role in “One Life To Live”, Crystal Hunt; during her career Crystal Hunt became a soap opera legend as Stacy Morasco after appearing in “One Life To Live”. Hunt had already won awards for her performances in “Guiding Light” when she returned to TV as the often evil Stacy Morasco, a character she channels during the scripted scenes of “Queens Of Drama”.

Despite the success she has enjoyed as a star of the soap opera genre, Crystal Hunt has not stuck rigidly to this area of the entertainment industry, but has instead sought to challenge herself in a number of different roles. One of the most famous movie performances Hunt has given was in “The Derby Stallion” opposite Zac Efron. Despite her many appearances in other media Crystal Hunt has remained a fan favorite for those who remember the character of Stacy Morasco, which prompted producers to bring the character back as a ghostly vision trapped in Hell during the final episodes of “One Life To Live”.

The “Queens Of Drama” TV show sees many viewers look to each episode in a bid to see the major stars they remember from the 1980s to the present day of soap operas return to the screen. Alongside “Magic Mike: XXL” star Crystal Hunt, fans see soap stars as varied as “The Bold And The Beautiful” actress Hunter Tylo and “One Life To Live” star Renee Elise Goldsberry return to the screen. Perhaps the biggest reason for watching for nostalgia fans is the clash that is bound to happen when “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills meets up once again with “Dynasty” icon Joan Collins during the second season of “Queens Of Drama”.  Ms. Hunt has a huge Facebook following, which is a credit to the popularity of her performances.  She is also one of the most well reviewed starlets on Metacritic, further showing Crystal’s staying power as a soap star.