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Bruce Levenson, Philanthropy, and The University of Maryland

Most people don’t think “philanthropy” when they hear the name Bruce Levenson, they think “basketball team owner”. It’s sad, though, because there is much more to Bruce. One great example is The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This organization was begun several years ago when Bruce and Karen Levenson made substantial donations which made it possible. Since then, The Center has grown. It’s grown so much that between its classes, some ten thousand dollars are raised every semester. When considered annually, that’s twenty thousand dollars a year. What is done with this money? According to PR Newswire, it’s actually given to charitable organizations deemed worthy. The center has been successful enough that it actually has its own dormitory now, and expansion seems to be in its future. Already considered a favorite recruiting pool by prominent D.C. philanthropy organizations like the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian, The Center seems poised only to continue changing the world for the better. It should also be pointed out that, at least according to the PR Newswire article, not only do those undergraduate and graduate students with a concentration in philanthropy benefit, but so do all students in attendance of the University of Maryland, as they are naturally funneled through The Center. This has been Bruce Levenson’s aim, so that all students at the University graduate “…informed and motivated philanthropist[s].” It seems his goal is being achieved, and the University will be positively affecting the world for years to come.