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Oncotarget Findings on Respiratory Mechanisms in Infants with Severe Bronchiolitis

One of the leading causes of childhood mortality worldwide is respiratory infections. A common lower respiratory infection called bronchiolitis has continued to be a major problem among pediatricians, especially considering it is a self-limited infection. However, some infants develop respiratory failure with increase in work-of-breathing (WOB) and hypoxemia and require mechanical ventilation to aid other supportive measures. Modern ventilators can be used as a supportive machine as well as a bedside monitoring tool that can express lung functions through measures of flow and pressure. According to equation of motion, deep analysis of respiratory mechanics significantly discriminates different elements of WOB when substantial pressure is applied to the respiratory system.

Interpreting the data after conducting advanced analysis can help medical experts tailor mechanical ventilation parameters that match physiological processes of the disease.Bronchiolitis is considered as an airway obstructive disease through physical observation. Since bronchodilator therapy has not been extremely effective, a better understanding of respiratory mechanics in severe bronchiolitis is crucial to comprehend the disease in order to improve current ventilation strategies. This will ultimately improve on the usual outcomes such as mechanical ventilation duration, hospital length of stay and support requirements. Having all these facts, Oncotarget – a renowned multidisciplinary journal, conducted a study to examine respiratory mechanics on infants with acute bronchiolitis.

A total of 54 infants were screened with bronchiolitis. The study used measurements obtained from two conventional contemporary ventilators that measured pulmonary mechanics of the infants. Results obtained from the study concluded that the respiratory system elastic component determines the work imposed on mechanical ventilation.Oncotarget aims at providing scientific results more rapidly and widely to the medical field researchers and the general public by working closely with high profile scientific indexes and archives. In order to accelerate that process, Oncotarget has assured its readers that they will be publishing two issues each week. This will also facilitate the journal achieve its primary goal of becoming the first journal to have its entire issue published by PubMed few days after online publication.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Advocates Innovative Solutions To Cancer And Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny recently took time to unwrap the power packed inside Rapamycin. He tells us it is in use in organ transplant procedures, as a therapy option for lung disease and in the management of cancer. It also goes by the names Sirolimus and Rapamune. Mikhail Blagosklonny has done groundbreaking research on therapy options available to cancer patients. He has also done extensive studies on the application of anti-aging therapies in the management of various conditions.Mikhail Blagosklonny believes Rapamycin is an effective strategy in cancer management. He works as a professor of oncology. He was attached to the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. He also serves as the editor-in-chief of the medical peer-reviewed journal, Oncotarget. Besides the uses mentioned above, he asserts Rapamycin is also used in the treatment of renal failure, kidney disease, and rare lung disease. It has been proven to be friendly to the kidneys.Rapamycin is powerful in suppressing tumors as well as stimulating the body’s immune system to act against the tumors. In 2014, the drug was proven to enhance immunity in the elderly. It is an excellent cure for facial spots and rashes.

The drug is being tested to evaluate its effectiveness in slowing down aging and adding years to your life. Additionally, it is being proposed as a therapy option for Alzheimer’s, loss of muscle mass and lupus.Mikhail Blagosklonny is a prominent research scientist and philanthropist. He is driven by the fact that your risk of getting cancer increases, as you get older. He has made remarkable contributions in oncology. He is dedicated to building the teams to take the research to the next level. He inspires his peers and edits hundreds of their peer-reviewed papers and continues to train world-class scientists.He is passionate about sharing his research to enable scientists to discover effective therapy options quickly. He has mobilized significant support for cancer research through Oncotarget. The journal maximizes the impact of research through insightful accelerated peer review that makes papers available to a large audience quickly. The weekly journal recently upgraded to publishing two journals per week. This is in response to an increase in the value and volume of papers submitted by authors.

Besides oncology and aging, Mikhail Blagosklonny oversees the publication of research papers in numerous other disciplines. These include pathology, microbiology, neuroscience, cardiology and pharmacology among others. Mikhail Blagosklonny believes in delivering a non-invasive and affordable cure for cancer. He is studying ways to kill cancer cells while allowing healthy cells to continue normal growth. He is associated with numerous other publications in editorial positions. Some of these include Aging, Cancer Biology & Therapy as well as Cell Death & Differentiation.As a renowned scientist, he has authored more than 270 peer-reviewed studies distributed in several publications. He has previously worked for Ordway Research Institute. Mikhail Blagosklonny has also served the New York Medical College as an associate professor. He learned at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he graduated with a medical degree in internal medicine and later on a Ph.D. in the field of experimental medicine.

Was George Soros a threat to Russia’s state security?

George Soros open Society Foundations and the Open Institute Assistance Foundation has been banned from Russia claiming it posed a threat to its constitution and the state security. Open society is a network of partners, foundations and projects existing in more than 100 countries. Soros drive to the idea of open society was to impact on the society where the government is accountable, where rights are respected, no one has the monopoly of truth. It is a foundations of a kind that is expected to make our society a better place.

George Soros reported by has been actively involved in philanthropy since 1979. He created the central European University to promote critical thinking, and introduced open society foundations in United States, Asia, and Africa. The role of the foundation involved representing thousands of individuals unlawfully being held for a year and without any legal representation. The society was involved in the history of Europe to bring back the people of Roma into the mainstream. Thousands of promising students have benefited from the foundations in terms of school fees including the refugees from conflict areas, young Roma and people from marginalized groups.

Open society has been in the forefront in bringing an international system with accountability and transparency in natural resource extraction industries. This was in consideration that profit oriented companies have been involved in secret payoffs leading to decades political unrest and heinous violence. George Soros has supported independent non-governmental organizations such as European Council of Foreign relations, Global Witness, the International Crisis Group and the institute of new economic thinking.

Soros is also an advocate for peace. In his article “A partnership with china to avoid world war” available at he says that the cooperation of the international community is in decline both financially and politically. The United Nations according to Soros has failed to address some of the critical issues facing the world since the end of the cold war. Soros believes that the G20 has lost its way due to its outdated governance. The only reason why the world avoided a depression in 2007/2008 is that some lessons were learnt from the experience of 1930s.

The financial crash of 2008 was indirectly linked to the euro crisis. This is because the euro at the time was an incomplete currency. According to Soros, a strategic partnership between the U.S. and China is a breakthrough to avoid another world war. In another article, found here, Soros believes that Europe is failing itself by not helping the refugees migrating to Europe. It has forced individual countries to take matters into their own hands. Soros is particularly concerned that the mandatory 40,000 asylum seekers as taken by Greece and Italy to be processed in other EU countries was rejected.

Over the years George Soros has taken the responsibility to support with funding to various organization. Some of the organizations that have benefited from Open Society Institute (OSI) include Air America Radio, Advancement Project, Americas Voice, Alliance of Justice, America Votes and American civil liberty union among others. This is an indication that Soros is up to the good of the society and not to bring alarm or threat to a country’s security.

Urbana Shares His Passions With The Public

The business executive and well known lacrosse player Jon Urbana has been seeking to share his life with those who follow him on social media sites in a bid to show the various aspects of his life. Urbana has become active on Twitter: jonurbana1 and many different social media platforms that allow the world to see the different aspects of his personality, which includes both text and image based social media accounts, including Urbana at Facebook and Instagram.


Jon Urbana’s WordPress account is of particular importance to those who follow him for his photography, which has become a major factor in his life over recent years. The photography created by Urbana has been evolving to reflect the studio based photography that has influenced his work since it began. The social media accounts and blogs created by Jon Urbana show off the food photography he has been working on, which sees him become one of the most accomplished photographers around.

The need to become one the very best at each and every activity Jon Urbana takes part in has driven him to rise to the very top of areas he would not usually be seen as an expert in. The Ellipse Technologies executive has embarked upon a career as a pilot that has seen him honored by the Federal Aviation Authority as one of the best qualified pilots in the world. The skills he has developed as a pilot have been placed on show in a series of videos and Tumblr updates that are posted to the Internet.

Any discussion on the life and work of Jon Urbana would not be complete without mention of his lacrosse career, which began as a college student at Villanova. Despite his playing career coming to an end the work of Jon Urbana continues with his annual lacrosse camps designed to aid young people in becoming better players and all round citizens.

Urbana is also running a GoFundMe campaign called ‘Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc’ and you can donate here.


How Bruce Levenson’s Becoming A Philanthropic Bastion

Philanthropy can be difficult, and establishing a regular center of philanthropic pursuit which perpetually produces aide for nonprofit communities is an exceptional task. Still, between the charitable donations of Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson, this has been accomplished. The name of the organization is The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Currently this center is regarded as a leading center for philanthropic teaching in the United States. In fact, the nation’s capital regularly recruits students from this center into actual nonprofit agencies. There are a number of reasons that Bruce Levenson’s center has an impact which is more than just local, or even national, but is in fact international. One reason is that not only those who go through The Center with a concentrated idea of pursuing a life in philanthropy benefit, but every student at the University of Maryland benefits. According to Forbes, Bruce Levenson himself: “…we are using The Center in a multi-pronged effort to ensure that every student attending the University of Maryland graduates as an informed and motivated philanthropist.” That is a quote from a recent PR Newsweek article, in which it was also revealed that this year marks the first in which a dormitory has been added to The Center for a new “living and working” program. Bruce and Karen Levenson are quite satisfied with what they’ve done in making the center possible, and Karen has even added that, of their philanthropic pursuits, The Center is definitely the “Most Profound”.