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Zayn Malik Shows a Different Side

Zayn Malik has become an impressive solo artist even though he has not made a lot of solo music. He is building a good track record for himself with a hot new single called “Pillow Talk.” What is fascinating fans is the that this something that is rising on the R&B charts. People were getting excited about what Malik was doing, but everything was kept under wraps.

Zayn Malik said that he wanted to completely drop out of music for a while because he was tired of the whole touring business. This is very similar to what Jon Urbana shared with his connections on He came home when his relationship was starting to fall apart. He would become someone that has emerged with a different sound and a different mindset. Malik isn’t holding back when it comes to sex. He is going head on with a video that contains nudity and explicit lyrics.

It appears that Zayn is ready to become that sex symbol that will take the place that Justin Timberlake stood in before he became a married man. Fans are still pleased with the Justin Timberlake sound, but Zayn is part of a new generation. He is someone that would become a sex symbol for a new generation.

Everyone seems to like the new single. The solo artist that is Malik is completely different from the group known as One Direction. There are people that going to want to see what Malik will do next.