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Rocketship Education: The Secret To Success Is Support

Community involvement too often seems a concept of the past. While charities are often revered and millions donate to support one another without hesitation, the simple idea of community seems to be lost to the past. Neighbors and schools do not seem to support one another as directly as tales of the past may suggest they once did. One organization has seen the power of community and hopes to harness it for student’s success. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school system operating 20 schools. These schools are spread throughout three states and the District of Columbia. Rocketship Education is not the typical charter school. They are an institution on a mission; that mission is to destroy the achievement gap found in underserved communities.

Tackling such a large problem is no simple task. Rocketship Understands that they need to create a sustainable program that can address the unique needs of these underprivileged communities. The most important step for the school is finding teachers fit for the task. They select from a highly qualified applicant pool and only chose those instructors with a strong background in key fields such as Maths and Science. From there they require their teachers build an individual relationship with both students and parents. This relationship is essential to their task of providing a personalized education that targets a student’s unique strengths.

The community is the secret tool that has elevated Rocketship Education’s program to the top 10% of Califonia schools serving underprivileged communities. With a weapon that powerful at combating the achievement gap it’s no surprise that Rocketship will do anything to support it. Many parents found out just how strong their rocketeer’s school really believed in this concept when flooding hit the San Jose area. Seeing the community struggle to cope with the devastation, Rocketship quickly raised over $60,000 and used these funds to relieve pressure on victims. Thanks to these efforts families were able to stabilize after the disaster. This promoted student’s success by allowing them to return their focus to their education quickly. In this and many other ways, Rocketship Education is proving that the key to success is support from family and community.