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Victoria Doramus

Who is Victoria Doramus? What is her legacy and what does she do for a living? Victoria Doramus is a highly intelligent business woman who’s also a entrepreneur. She’s a professional print and digital manager and has a pretty extensive background in branding, advertising, media, and communication. She is always looking for new and better ways to add these fields together. Victoria Doramus went to the university of Colorado and obtained a BA degree in mass communication and journalism. She also has a long history in the creative sector working with companies such as Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, Trendera and mindshare but she mainly concentrates on branding and advertising. She also has experience working in the television industry as a personal assistant for producer and film director Peter Berg. Her experiences working with him garb her the opportunity to further grow her expertise in discovering creative and new ways to market products and develop trend analysts.

In addition to her professional life she also loves to volunteer with charities that tackle a variety of issues and problems around the world. She gave her time and effort to a variety of charities including Room to Read, the Amy Winhouse foundation, and the Women’s Prison Association. She is also passionate and wants to help people achieve their dreams and be successful. Though her philanthropic hard work towards charity she was able to reach her goal. To help herself be more productive and up to date, she carries around a hand written to-do list. She knows she can just download a app or wear a watch but she finds it soothing and relaxing when she can do a task, cross it off and go to the next activity.

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