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Todd Levine Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Born in Miami, Florida, Todd A. Levine has been one of the most renown commercial attorneys in the region. Besides dealing with commercial litigation, he has also put his focus in other civil cases such as the business litigation process as well as real estate litigation. Today, Todd Levine is the co-founder of Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine P.L law firm that is based in Miami. In as much as he has exclusively put his focus on the commercial real estate litigation, he also deals with other civil commercial litigations. Mr. Todd Levine studied Law in the University of Florida as well as Finance in the 1980s. Today Todd Levine has worked for over two decades where he has had an experience of over 25 years as an attorney.

Solely, he works with different people of all levels and represents them in courts dispute arise in regards to real estates. Some of the people that Todd Levine represents includes; investors, homeowners, contractors among others. Despite dealing with real estate, he also handles civil cases in other fields such as sports and entertainment. The reason why he has won hundreds of cases is because of his diversity in different fields interests. Levine has a big interest in math, arts, science and music thus improving his creative skills on the different types of defenses. In his tenure in Kluger Kaplan, he has been able to see the success of different “out of world cases and defenses”.

To be note, he has an expertise in simplifying cases and making them more understandable by both the parties. According to Levine, success in the court room is determined in ho best on is able to prepare for the cases and the possible arguments that may arise. Being an attorney at Kluger Kaplan, many clients have sought for his expertise thus winning the cases. Today, Todd Levine has been the most mentioned commercial attorneys in different publications. He has garnered several awards including; Best Lawyers in America and the Super Lawyers Business Edition in 2019 among others. According to Levine, his success is owed to Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine P.L which has helped him build his name in the judicial processes.

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Jeff Herman Reflects on Success and Working Methods

Education and Early Career
Jeff Herman is the Founder of Jeff Herman Law, a nationally recognized Law Firm specializing in representing victims of sexual abuse. Jeff Herman began practicing law in 1985 after receiving his Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve School of Law earlier that year. During his career spanning from 1985, he has represented one thousand brave men, women, and children. Herman Law, according to Miami Herald “…the country’s leading attorney when it comes to handling high-profile sexual abuse lawsuits.”

Accomplishments and Turnovers
Jeff Herman was the first lawyer to keep the Catholic Church from dropping his cases by using the statute of limitations technicalities. Jeff Herman was able to win 100 cases of sexual abuse directed at the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Miami by showing the Church had committed fraud in withholding sexual abuse history of its priests.

Advice to Self
Jeff Herman would tell his younger self to be patient. Herman sees that in time all things work out as they are supposed to be. You can’t force your future. All you can do is “hang in there” and be patient. He admits that he wished he would have enjoyed the ride more and spend less time anxiously waiting for the results.

Personal Path to Success
There are five elements to success, as Jeff Herman understands his own: passion, education, drive, experience, and motivation. Among the many things that can keep a person from arriving at success one missing ingredient not keeping your heart in it.

Visual Thinking
Jeff Herman believes it is essential to follow thru in maintaining the details intact and making sure they fit together in the order in which gives them the meaning needed at hand. Jeff Herman classifies himself as a visual thinker and prefers using whiteboards to objectively keep track of information and timelines related to each case. When it comes to piecing together a case there are many parts that have to fit together. Using a visual method of recording vital and key knowledge is essential, says Jeff Herman.