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Kisling Nestico & Redick changing lives

Accidents on the highway are becoming more rampant as time goes. A major cause of this is distracted driving. This is common in the younger generation and incentives are being put in place to tackle this challenge. One of them is the Kisling Nestico and Redick distracted driving scholarship.

The scholarship offers young adults in a higher institution with a cumulative average of above 3.00 showing great initiatives and prospect. The idea behind this is to curb road accidents of which 25% comes from distracted driving either with earphones or mobile phones. Two years ago, texting during driving accounted for about 39 percent of distracted drivers in crashes. Lately, a young woman named Eliana Noren won a scholarship for putting up a proposal to persuade young adults from texting while driving. Amongst 400 applicants, she was the one that showed the most creativity and drive for her idea. She describes how best it was to reach people around her age and the best way to get them practicing safe driving. The firm itself is based in Ohio and specializes in personal injury.

They help victims with accidents and physical injury, mostly those who have suffered traumatic experiences to the spinal cord or other vital parts of the body. They stand for those that are affected by lapses in healthcare insurance and deserve compensation.

In early times Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico and Robert Redick started the company. They employed numerous attorneys and took the fight to the system, winning up to 450 million dollars in settlements. The company has a highly driven group of personnel, as a child he was in an accident but because his parents were immigrants from Italy, they were taken advantage off. Till this day he vows to fight for those who are not in the position to take on insurance companies and get what they truly deserve.