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Brian Bonar: The Brains Behind Trucept Inc.

Starting out as an engineer, no one suspected that Brian Bonar would become a successful finance executive. Brian Bonar received a Technical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from Staffordshire University. He, later on, received an MBA from the same institution. His education interest didn’t end there as he graduated with a Ph.D. from the same institution.

Brian’s interest in business has made him achieve more in a short period of time. His skills include developing unique and highly effective sales and marketing strategies. His main strength lies in Mergers and Acquisitions, venture capitals and startup businesses.

Brian has been involved in dozens of startups in his career life. Prior to forming Trucept Inc., he founded Bezier Systems, a company that specialized in printing and his company was the first to successfully create SCSI based printer. He later on founded AMS Outsourcing based in San Diego and Dalrada Financial Services.

During his colorful career,  Bonar has served as Manager, Chairman, CEO and CFO of more than a dozen businesses. Some of these businesses were new while some existed but needed help with their sales and marketing strategies. Brian’s direct sales strategy proved to work and accelerate the sales process. He was considered and is still considered as the to-go-to guy for any lead generation and sales strategies.

Prior to branching on his own and starting all these businesses, Brian’s career started IBM where he worked as a procurement manager. His main task was to outsource motherboards for the computers produced by the company.

He, later on, went to work for QMS for 4 years. During his time with QMS, he was able to manage a team of 100 engineers successfully. This experience made him seek for more challenges and he found it in 1989. He joined Rastek Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Marketing department.

Since 2011 to date, he has served as Chairman, CFO, CEO, President, Principal Accounting Officer, Treasurer and Secretary of Trucept Inc. Trucept Inc. is a company whose main responsibility is to help small and medium businesses with their Human Resource Management, manage their payrolls, employee benefit packages and also provide both short-term as well as long-term staffing solutions.

Trucept Inc. helps these businesses by unburdening them from these tasks which leave the business to concentrate on business tasks alone. Ever since its formation, Trucept Inc. has managed to help countless business transition smoothly and transact their business with much ease.