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Barbara Stokes Leads Green Structure Homes To Further Success

Over the past few decades, natural disasters have not only been becoming more common, but they’ve been becoming increasingly more destructive. Because of this, there have been more and more companies being founded that focus solely on providing natural disaster relief efforts across the country. One of the most prominent of these in recent years has been the Alabama-based Green Structure Homes, which was established by Scott and Barbara Stokes in 2008. Read more at Business Insider. Since being founded, the company has been focused on providing a variety of different relief services across the state. Some of the more prominent occasions where the companies skills and approach were on show were the likes of Hurricane Harvey. Read this article at


Over the past decade, Barbara Stokes has led Green Structure Homes to a considerable amount of success. Much of this growth has been driven by the companies philosophy that as no two natural disasters are exactly the same, the relief efforts for them shouldn’t be either. This has led to Ms. Stokes and the company offering a more personalized approach to all of their disaster relief efforts. With that in mind, the company has been able to provide more effective ways to provide relief to people who need it most. This has allowed Barbara Stokes to position Green Structure Homes as one of the innovative leaders in natural disaster relief in the area. As such, the company has also been placed on the FEMA Register as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. This has helped to convey a considerable amount of trust and reliability onto the companies reputation.