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Jeunesse Global- NV Foundation Mist

Jeunesse Global was started by two successful entrepreneurs who were eager to come out of retirement and offer even more to the world than they already have. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the two visionaries who launched Jeunesse Global on September 9th, 2009 in order to provide a variety of life-changing products to consumers all around the world. Their mission was to make Jeunesse a household name while providing a much-needed service to men and women everywhere. That service is their many youth enhancement products, as well as the opportunity to work with a highly successful and profitable company.

Thousands of people all over the world understand Jeunesse Global for what it truly is, a company that takes care of their employees and customers day and night. Customers of the company love the dozens of youth enhancement products that are offered, from their energy drinks to their vitamins to their hair care systems. Employees enjoy a company that offers them the ability to work at their own pace while enjoying a lucrative income. Their direct sales offer has already drawn in thousands of people all around the world, and Jeunesse Global continues to offer products that are needed by millions of people.

Every year, men and women search for a product that will give their skin a flawless look. The search is over once they find this wonderful new product from Jeunesse- NV, their newest Y.E.S. System Addition. NV is a mist-foundation that quickly minimizes the natural appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Users of this foundation end up with flawless looking skin that can only be described as an airbrushed look. However, the foundation goes on so smooth that many users say they can barely tell it is on. The foundation will hydrate and moisturize the skin of the wearer while creating a beautiful, natural look. Wrinkles and lines will appear to be gone after using NV mist-foundation. There are no parabens, sulfates, talc, or phthalates found in the formula, as well. Users will enjoy photo-ready results and gorgeous skin by using this simple foundation-mist as part of their skincare routine.