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David McDonald’s Journey to Global Leader Of OSI Group

OSI Group has been among the rapidly growing companies in the millennium. David McDonald has been the primary drive behind this growth. With over 30 years’ experience in OSI Group, he has managed to rise in different ranks right from his college first job to his current position as the company president as well as the chief operating officer.

OSI Group began a small food industry that was started in the neighborhood and was run by immigrants in the 20th century. In the mid-century, it rose to one of the main meat suppliers to McDonald restaurant. Also, later lit become a major global corporation for meat supply. It has however branched out successfully in the last century becoming a new venture in the entire United States as well as globally.

David McDonald has been in the food processing industry since the start of the supply chain. OSI Group McDonalds was brought up in Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa State University where he pursued bachelor’s degree in animal science, and he managed to scoop the Wallace E, Barron senior award. The awards recognize high-level characters with their outstanding achievements in community activities and their academic qualifications.

David McDonald is, therefore, the sitting Chief operating officer of the nation’s successful private company. OSI Group McDonalds is however committed in the Iowa university whereby he plays agricultural and entrepreneurship roles. OSI Group McDonalds supports other organizations generously such as Alpha Gamma scholarship, whereby he plays an essential role and creating internship opportunities for students. It is due to his enthusiastic support that he also won an ISU award in 2004 of Alumni association.

OSI Group McDonalds unwavering support and commitment have made OSI an internationally recognizable company with extensive diversifications. The company has over 2000 employees and over 65 facilities in 17 countries. The company’s net worth is approximately $6.1 billion making number 58 Countrywide.

Overall, David McDonald plays a significant role in the significant expansion of OSI Group and the acquisition of Baho foods. A company that deals with the production of meat and snacks. The company partners have however contributed to the growth of OSI Group through positively participating to the expansion of resources and production of the company.

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The Inspiring Story Of OSI Group

OSI Group stands as one of the largest food and meat manufacturing companies in the entire world, with over sixty-five facilities in different locations. What was once a humble butcher shop has now turned into one of the most successful corporate businesses in the entire world. In spite of its long history, OSI Group continues to grow and become more prominent than ever before.

Otto Kolschowsky was the man behind OSI Group and the success that followed. He was a German immigrant who came to live in the United States. He decided to move to Chicago in particular because of the prominent German population that already resided there. Moving to a new country is always a challenge, which is why he decided to set up a small business that would gain him a stable income. He was well regarded in the community, and the butcher shop saw an incredible amount of success within its first ten years. Otto also decided to expand into the wholesale business during this time, thereby pushing his manufacturing and profits even further.

After spending thirty years in the business, the new economic boom proved to be incredibly beneficial for the simple butcher shop. The shop was now being run by the entire family and began to see far more demand in their business than they ever had.

In 1955, Ray Kroc decided to open his first McDonald’s restaurant. To seek his supply of meat, Kroc turned to Otto and Sons and entered into a contract with them. Over the next few years, Mcdonald’s took off and become one of the most well-known restaurant chains in the country. The company wanted to maintain the quality of meat that they offered, which is why they decided that they would let Otto and Sons be their primary supplier. This was a big step for the company and meant that they would have to expand the scale at which they were operating.

Over the years, Otto and Sons rebranded to OSI Group and improved the technology that they used. The success enabled them to even expand outside the United States to provide meat to Mcdonald’s outlets across the globe.


OSI Food Solutions Expanding Global Reach

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest companies in the world offering value-added foods. At present, the company is operating in 17 countries with over 65 facilities employing over 20,000 workforces. The company is also one of the biggest privately held businesses in the US. Through the years, the value-added foods supplier has been a partner to organizations in food-related industries with unmatched strength, sensitivity, and worldwide reputation.

OSI Food Solutions is focused on foreign and domestic expansion in the past. Since the leadership of Sheldon Lavin in 1970s, the company is geared for worldwide expansion. The recent acquisitions and purchases of the company will definitely fuel its global reach.

Series of Acquisitions

From 2016 up to 2017, the company has acquired various food processing companies. This includes the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch company that produces convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks. The company also opened a new food processing facility in Southeast Asia specifically in the Philippines in 2017 for GenOSI, which is its joint venture business.

In 2017, the company purchased the Tyson Foods, a storage warehouse and food processing plant in Chicago. Its massive space allows the company to boost its production for its consumers in the North American region. Additionally, it enables the company to address the increasing demand for its products.

It also acquired Flagship Europe and renamed it as Creative Foods Europe in 2018. The company produces frozen poultry and has a wide range of sous vide products, dressings, and sauces.

About OSI

Compared to other prepared foods suppliers, OSI Food Solutions produces products that meet the specifications of its customers. It does not provide traditional catalog products but closely works with its customers to learn the kind of flavor profile and a variety of items each one prefers. It has its own research and development team as well as a culinary team that stays updated in the latest consumer trends.

According to its chief operating officer and President David McDonald, its pattern of acquisition is a reflection of the company’s intention to constantly grow. OSI Food Solutions also aims to further expand its product lines along with its global expansion.

Carbon Offset Programs Part Of OSI Group Sustainability Strategy

One of the most fascinating members of the OSI Group family of businesses is Creative Foods Europe. The business was established in 1991. It’s an operation that works in the creative aspect of food distribution by creating new food items, flavors, menu items, food combinations and more. When you taste something extremely delicious new, exciting and different, there’s a chance than the research chefs at Creative Foods Europe developed it.

This branch of the OSI Group family is also on the forefront of one OSI’s most critical missions — the sustainability aspect of food production and processing. That means growing food, raising farm animals, processing foods and taking care of the land and water where food it all gets done, from farm to factory.

Creative Food Services is proud that it has achieved the status of “carbon-zero company.” That means for every pound of carbon energy it burns in the process of creating new food products, it offsets that amount by reducing an equal amount of carbon that otherwise might have been burned. The result is a net zero contribution to greenhouse gases, air pollution and other environmental factors.


Part of the way this OSI Group business achieves this is the work it does in Africa. For example, Creative Food Services spearheads what it calls its African Energy Efficient Stove Project. This is an operation which builds highly efficient wood burning stoves for families in Mombasa and Kenya. The wood is gathered locally in a sustainable fashion and without deforestation. Building the stoves and gathering the wood provides jobs for local citizens. Because the stoves replace existing inefficient models, tons of annual carbon usage reduction is achieved.

This is a classic example of a sustainability practice that is the vision of OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin. Since taking the helm as chief executive of OSI in the mid-1970s, Lavin has understood that building a world-class food processing company simply cannot be done without a laser-like focus on environmentally sound practice.

Creative Food Services also operated a clean water project in Uganda, a wind power project in India and works in Brazil on efforts to sustain the vast rainforest regions of that country.

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