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Jessica Boskoff Adds a Pop of Color and Personality to Every Event

In a world that has lost touch with originality for too long, it is essential to begin discovering what truly makes you happy and what sets you apart from the rest. While life is not a competition, it is always fun to differentiate from the norm and to stand out from all of the rest. Jessica Boskoff is a person that knows all about setting herself apart from others in a fun, professional way that brings her an immense amount of happiness. In an interview with the designer from Twenty Three Layers, the reader gained some insight as to what makes Boskoff unique, and the secrets behind her flawless event planning.

When asked what her favorite colors are, she exclaimed her love for pastels–specifically aqua, mint, and blush. Describing how she regularly incorporates these colors into her events by using decadent desserts, plush pillows, thrilling props, and decor, readers undoubtedly began to ponder their next celebration in which they would use Boskoff as an influence. Of course, Jessica described that maintaining the same approach is not only boring, but detrimental to a designer’s career. To combat this issue, the queen of pastel stated that she is always evolving as a designer and event planner.

“Being able to express myself through styling and design is just amazing,” stated Boskoff. Offering information as to how working in a creative space greatly assists in getting her keen eye for colors and prints going, Boskoff further validated just why she is deserving of her moment in the spotlight. Her love of symmetry and clean lines has undoubtedly caught the eye of perfectionists and the unique alike, and has generated her success.

In sum, doing what you love in life is essential, but doing what you love flawlessly and professionally is crucial in order to live a fulfilling and prosperous life. Jessica Boskoff’s attention to detail by adding colors and prints that are visually appealing, original, and soothing truly makes her heavily sought after for weddings, charitable events, and stylish parties. Her personality and inviting soul are just added bonuses!

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Only the Best Planners for Creating the Best Events

In a recent article, published on Houston Culture Map online, ( the well-known, over-the-top event planner, DeJuan Stroud is discussed. CultureMap discovered during their interview with Stroud, that, although he has lived and thrived in New York for several years; he still brings a flavorful southern charm to any occasion. Stroud has orchestrated events for big-time names like Donald Trump, Bon Jovi, and many more. During the article, Stroud discusses what it is like to work with such superstars of today’s society. He goes on to say how self-gratifying and motivating it is working with people of such success and stature in society. After all, these people only work with the best. This leads into the next topic of discussion, one of the most prominent event planning companies located right there near Stroud.

Located in fabulous New York City, Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design firm. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service firm. Even if you believe that you have created your perfect fantasy event, Twenty Three Layers is sure to exceed far beyond your greatest expectations. This company can plan and orchestrate a diverse array of events for you. Whether it be a business party for your personal cooperation, or a whimsical, romantic intimate ceremony; you can never go wrong when selecting Twenty Three layers to help you achieve your perfect event. This company prides itself in making sure to create unforgettable memories for your event, regardless of the occasion. Check out event planning companies, NYC.

One of the greatest attractions of Twenty Three Layers is that they take care of everything. This allows you to sit back, relax, and allow them to make the planning process an enjoyable experience for you. This is a major plus considering how stressful event planning can be for one person. Not only do they take care of everything, they deliver a finished product that is unmatched in quality and value across the board. They guarantee that you will never be disappointed with the outcome of your event. They can handle a large variety of events including: weddings, showers, birthdays, mitzvahs, anniversaries, and a multitude of other celebrations.