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How Deirdre Baggot has Changed Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot is a highly successful woman. In a world that mostly favors the men in the society, women are considered to be the weaker generation, and they take care of the less powerful positions in the corporate section. Deirdre Baggot, however, has emerged in the male dominated market, making an impact in the generation. This career woman is known for being highly experienced as a clinician and hospital executive. When she began her career in the medical profession, the professional wanted to deal with the large number of patients who would come her way. Years later, the clinician is serving as one of the pioneers in bundled payments. Her greatest achievement in her career has been introducing a revolution in the payment section. The company she founded has been doing so well, and it is a true reflection of the passion Deirdre Baggot has for the medical profession. Baggot says that she has been working in this department for a very long time, and she has gained so much knowledge. The businesswoman is also highly educated, having gone to the top educational ranks in the world.

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When working as a clinician in the United States, Baggot discovered how taking care of the huge number of patients was difficult. Most professionals in the industry would always be left feeling helpless at the end of the day. As a nurse in one of the busy medical centers, Baggot realized that she could do something to change the payment systems that would keep the patients waiting for a long time. There were so many tests to be carried out on a patient so that the disease they are suffering from could be discovered. Deidre Baggot chose to invest her time in looking for a solution to the issue that was giving so many professionals’ sleepless nights.