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My Dog Has Great Taste In Food

I have had my dog for over five years now. He is a part of the family to me. My parents always made family events a big deal and those values still stay with me until this day. My dog’s name is Sam and he’s all I have left of my family today. My parents have passed away, and it’s just Sam and me. I sure do wish I had my parents around but Sam always seems to make me smile. I care deeply about Sams health and want to make sure I give him the best food out there. I’ve always stuck with a brand that I trust and they even have multiple varieties to choose from. This keeps Sam happy and that keeps me happy too.
Sam has always been a fan of PurinaStore‘s Beneful Originals blend. With all the antioxidant-rich nutrition I know my dog is getting a healthy meal. Sometimes I like to mix Purina One SmartBlend Classic in with the dry dog food to spice things up for Sam. I never feed my dog the same thing during meal times. Purina Beneful has exciting blends that keep my dog happy, healthy and energetic.

Throughout the week if Sam doesn’t decide to tear up my slippers I will give him a treat. I’ve never seen a dog get so excited about a treat before. Purina Beneful Baked Delights are a great snack to have around the house. Sam loves the mix of apple, carrots and peanut butter taste infused in the treats. It’s great to see my dog so happy with a healthy snack. See,

Purina Beneful also has bacon and cheese flavored snacks which I normally stock up on during the winter. They offer a real beef and cheese flavor too that Sam goes crazy over. I have to watch him with those he ends up eating the whole bag.

The one product I love the most has to be Purina Beneful’s Healthy Smile Treats. Many vets recommend this and Sam goes wild over the taste. Whenever I go Walmart shopping, I make sure to purchase all these varieties because Sam really loves them. It’s really a win-win for everyone. I’m glad that someone working at Purina takes the time out to think of their pets when making such great product. You can see the attention to detail and most of all you can see the love.

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Alger Loves The Salmon That Beneful Puts Into Their Food

My dog named Alger is my fur baby and I would be completely lost without him in my life as he brings me a lot of joy and happiness even when I’m upset about something. Alger is a husky with white fur and bright blue eyes. Alger is playful, caring, loving, and goofy at all times throughout the day. Before Nestle Purinastore Petcare Beneful dog food, Alger was not as nearly happy every day as he is now since he has been on it. Alger loves Beneful dog food because it has more flavor than any other dog food out there does and I like getting him Beneful because I enjoy seeing him happy and it saves me a lot of money so that I can spoil him with doggy toys. Alger likes many different types of Beneful dog food’s that are on the market but his favorites are Beneful originals, chopped blends, Tuscan style medley, and roasted chicken recipe. Beneful originals are one of the many dry dog foods that Beneful sells on Amazon. Alger’s favorite Beneful originals flavor is the salmon flavor because he loves the taste of fish. Beneful chopped blends is a wet dog food [click here:] that Beneful makes and sells to its customers. Beneful chopped blends are offered in all different kinds of flavors these include chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, and lamb. Alger’s favorite flavor of Beneful chopped blends is the lamb flavor because it not only has lamb in it but also includes brown rice, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes in it. Beneful’s Tuscan style medley is one of the many medley type wet dog food’s that Beneful sells and it has beef, carrots, rice, and spinach in it. Last but not least Beneful’s roasted chicken recipe has pasta, carrots, and spinach in it. The reason Alger likes the roasted chicken recipe so much is because he loves pasta as much as he loves salmon. Like I mentioned by listing off ingredients in some of the Beneful foods that Alger eats it is extremely healthy and nutritious for him and that is another reason why I love to feed it to him.



Pet Food That Is High in Creativity

Developers of pet food have started marketing to new generation of pet owners. These are not the old men and women that were merely buying a non-descriptive dog food. This is the new generation of portable tablets and smart phone users. This the generation of dog owners that are getting all of their information via social media. It takes a special kind of dog food for these customers to really express interest in something new and exciting. That is why the developers of the pet brands are doing more marketing of premium dog food. This is what is keeping the customers in anticipation of something that they can buy for their dogs. That is how the market is changing, and customers are certainly embracing this type of change.

Beneful is the rising star in the dog food industry because it has so many diversity. There are wet and dry foods. There are baked treats. There is a whole bevy of delightful Beneful food that most dogs will eat without issues. The selection if vast and it is easy to see how the Beneful brand has become so incredibly popular over all these years. This is the sign of a company that is producing the high quality dog food.

Creativity is the key to the new upsurge of dog food. There are so many people that are embracing this type of new superior food because it proves to be a lot more effective. More dog owners are going to become fans of this trend as their favorite brands step up with more quality foods. Natural Balance is one company that is producing some first-class food. Salters is another brand that is producing high quality dog food. These are the lesser known brands that are just trying to catch up to bigger brands like Beneful.

Beneful is that brand that has become the stress-free dog food brand. The commercials are on television quite often. The posters for this type of food can be seen everywhere. There are large varieties on the shelves. The company has high quality ingredients that consumer can trust.