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Bernardo Chua, The Marketing Expert

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines, as the last of 14 children. After university, Bernardo started his career in his family’s business as a purchasing manager. After that, he took the next step of his career and became a travel agency’s manager. He became so good at his job and expanded the agency all over southeast Asia. Soon, he outgrew the agency and moved on to managing Gano Excel, which is a direct selling company of Ganoderma infused coffee. In this company too, he increased sales and expanded the company. He was promoted and was sent to Canada to manage a new Gano Excel branch.  Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

His dream was to become a medical doctor. When that was not possible, Bernardo Chua decided to follow still his passion for helping people live healthy lives. He, therefore, studied up on herbal medicine and especially the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom. This knowledge, in addition to his skills and expertise in sales and marketing, enabled him to start his own direct selling company called Organo Gold which deals with coffee, teas, and supplements that contain Ganoderma.

Bernardo has been able to successfully market herbal products in combination with coffee and teas in North America. He has used his marketing skills to bring an Asian product into the North American market. In doing this, Chua has been able to live up to his dream of improving people’s health. He also educates the masses on the health benefits of Ganoderma.

Organo Gold has been steadily expanding globally over the last decade. This has been made possible by Bernardo’s business model. He believes that commitment, passion, and trust have played a key part in getting Organo Gold to where it is. Bernardo Chua works with farmers to ensure that Ganoderma is produced in the highest quality.

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Enterprenurial Ventures with Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in the year 1978 Delhi India Bhanu Choudhrie has made quit a reputable name for himself in the world of business. His success story can be traced way back in a garage where he worked at a young age and later on in life joins the prestigious University of Boston where he takes on International business and marketing as his majors. Bhanu Choudhrie tenure as the Executive Director of C&C Alpha group company began in the year 2001 and has been doing exceptional work ever since.

Bhanu Choudhrie works with a company that invests in the health sector, restaurants and hotels. He is involved in a lot of charitable acts and has investments in the Airline industry, financial institutions such banks and in the Film industry. Bhanu Choudhrie when giving entrepreneurial tips to naïve upcoming business men and women tells them of being risk takers in their ventures and attributes most of his achievements to team effort, working alongside beautiful minds and experts. Bhanu Choudhrie has made stands to appreciating Art and speaks of opening up a foundation in London for culture and Art appreciation. Every personality figure on this world has on occasions been recognized for the work they have devoted their life in may it be philanthropy or motivational speaking. Read full interview of Bhanu Choudhrie at

Bhanu won the Entrepreneur of the year Award in 2008 accredited by the Asian Voice Political and Public life Awards. He hopes to expand his company’s business in different countries, different ventures in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam Bhanu further shares the future of C&C Alpha group as hoping to integrate more into the society by widening their charity works and using their Education Board to do good. When asked about those entrepreneurs wishing to know the right time to invest, he stipulates that once you survive a market withdrawal then you can relax and enjoy the market benefits with ease. To emerge victorious in entrepreneurial ventures one has to be prepared to put ones time and effort just like Bhanu did with his partners as they were starting up on the Airline business.


The Path Which Sheldon Lavin Took with OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC and he joined the leading food provider in the 1970s when Otto’s sons were on the verge of retiring. Looking back to the beginning of his career, his academic background is on accounting and finance and from the beginning, he wanted to be part of a business that he owns. His tenure in the financing consulting prepared him for his future career.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin started being involved with OSI Group when he took part in the financing of the first meat processing that Otto Kolschowsky had built in West Chicago, Illinois. At the time, the Kolschowsky family business was known as Otto & Sons. He continued being involved with the company resulting into him becoming an owner. When he joined the company, he aimed at making the company a global meat processing enterprise.

OSI Group grew tremendously since it was founded in 1909 in Chicago to expand into 17 countries with more than 70 facilities. According to Sheldon Lavin, the company’s product range is majorly protein products. However, they are also produce vegetable items, sources and baked goods. The visionary leader helped the entrepreneurial company to grow leveraging a unique company culture. The company does not operate like any other typical company their size which often involves dictates from the top to bottom. As much as the company has rules and regulations to follow, budgetary limits and levels of responsibility, the company runs like a family. Sheldon Lavin leveraged the unique culture to grow the company and make it evolve because it was the best way for them to do business.

The Illinois-based company has always focused on innovation to not only produce high quality products, but also solve problems they face. Sheldon Lavin joined the company with a motive to make the company thrive through innovation and cutting-edge technology. Innovation has always been part of his DNA, although it was nurtured in the company.

He recognizes the role their people plays in their success. He has created a good environment for their talented folks to share their thoughts and opinions. Corporate office is open to any employee who feels he needs to communicate something. The company is not only promoting the welfare of their employees, but also promoting the community through philanthropy.

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Tips by Louis Chenevert’s on how to better your business by empowering employees

There are very various ways of improving a business or corporation such as using more modern technology or using outside help to operate the company. However, most people overlook the most obvious way that is investing in one’s employees. Investing in your own employee may prove advantageous since you already know them with what they can and can’t handle.

Bringing in a new employee means they require a lot of training to get them up to speed in a very short time but promoting your own you eradicate the whole lengthy training process since they are already familiar with company’s operation. Promoting people from within gives the employees an incentive to work harder and give them a reason to stay since they see the possibility of rising up the ranks.


Peaceful Workplace


Giving your employees an enjoyable and work friendly environment with no negative drama is one way of investing in them. This means they don’t spend the whole day watching the clock waiting for the day to come to an end. Office politics should be eradicated. The workspace should have cubicles, break rooms and other common fun places such as a game room with a ping pong table.

Hardworking workers rewards


Hard work should always be repaid. This does not necessarily mean giving employee of the month awards but also issuing gift certificates, giving extra days off or increasing the time allowed for lunch in a week to the best performing employees.


Scholar Program for employees


Employee scholar program is highly advisable. This entails the company helping with education expenses for their employees helping them in pursuing lifelong learning. The company doesn’t have to cover the full expense put only just part of the total cost. Louis Chenevert who was the CEO of UTC when it’s stock prices more than tripled in 2008 and 2014 was a true believer of a lifelong program. Anyone in the company who wanted to earn a degree used the Employee scholar program and UTC would cover the whole cost. This enabled them to hire from within the company since the program produced over 39000 degrees.


Team Building


Teams building such as escape rooms, volunteering to build houses for the less fortunate really brings the team together and lets them forget about their small issues.


Choosing to invest in your employees will prove to be good business in the long run and will help you bond with them creating a work-friendly environment.

Successes of Guilherme Paulus

The modern hotel industry is not just about providing ample accommodation to people. It requires one to be innovative and classy. Guilherme Paulus is one of the successful investors in the hotel and hospitality sector. He has established a vast number of hotels and resorts across Brazil. Guilherme started his career while he was still a young boy and he continued to learn fast. He has emerged to be a highly influential individual in the economy of the country, and he has been profoundly amended for his lucrative ventures that keep many tourists coming back to the state.

Guilherme Paulus has continued to give his customers an innovative experience through his ventures. He equips his experiments with modern designs that not only make it fun for his clients, but they also give them a chance to explore new things. A considerable number of his resorts entail at least spas, fitness classes among many other things that enable a client to have an experience of a lifetime. The essential ideas behind his innovations are to keep his clients coming and attracted to his resorts. Besides, Guilherme Paulus also seeks to help his clients have fun through the various activities that he allows to be conducted in the firm. His career is one of the most outstanding ones, thanks to his ever smiling face. He knows how to handle each of his clients based on whatever they want. His ability to encourage his employees to keep working had has also seen a vast number of them give their best for the sake of the firm’s success.

On the other hand, Guilherme Paulus is also keen on the reviews that his clients give about his ventures. He is always eager to go through every review, to acquire new ways of handling every case that arises in his resorts. Besides, he also seeks to learn from his customer experiences so that he can incorporate every detail that they want in his hotels and resorts. Guilherme Paulus continues to be influential figure, and he already has plans of launching more resorts near the airports in different locations of the country, so that he can make it easy or every tourist to access affordable and classy accommodation.

Nitin Khanna: A Man of Passion and Willpower

Nitin Khanna’s life began in India, where he was born. He proceeded through life very motivated, until finding a job within the paper industry. With his sharp thinking, however, he was able to see that his future wouldn’t last very long if he stayed there. He could see the influx of technology in the world and decided to dive into it headfirst.

Nitin Khanna began working for Oracle Corporation, taking the change in stride.

While in America, Khanna’s brother came to join him. His brother thought to get a good, well-paying job. He was working hard towards this goal when his brother convinced him that he should join in with him and his goal of entrepreneurship. Khanna had once again demonstrated his logical brain, and soon they decided to create their own technology company coining the name, Saber Corporation.

Saber quickly rose to one of the most popular tech companies in the US. It had started in Oregon, but soon was taking over. Nitin Khanna was providing many services that the government found extremely helpful, such as unemployment registrations and driver’s licenses.

With this success under his belt, Nitin Khanna went on to start another business with his brother, this one is named MergerTech is a merger and acquisition firm, which means that it helps set up the sellers with the buyers, in an organized manner. This has become the most solid foundation for this company. However, Khanna also has succeeded in finding trends among the buyers so that he may use them to his advantage. He was able to discover that people who are not from the US will pay a considerably larger amount of money for US technology.

Throughout all of this success, Khanna says that his most valuable skills are being able to keep a healthy work culture, as well as having the right team. He believes deeply that success relies on the people that you have on your team, and how happy they are to be doing business with you.

Nitin Khanna has shown himself to be a proper businessman with many morals, all of which have been credited to his success. His aggressive work ethic has paid off exponentially, and his future remains bright.

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Article Title: A Steady Climb to the Very Top by Guilherme Paulus

We see Guilherme Paulus where the wealthiest Brazilian entrepreneurs reside. There, he sits with a billion-dollar-revenue stream, which began to grow after his first steps of humility. With a net worth around 1.1 billion, Guilherme reflects a wealthier reality than he had as an intern at IBM. His humble state came from the advice of those who were around him. These professionals assured him that his ideas would need funding.

Funding was key to building his empire. The world looks at Guilherme Paulus today; they see someones who redefines Brazil’s identity. He changed how people thought—when looking at the venture capital of his country. There’s a sense of pride he has in seeing the major changes, to know his influence in it and to give the planet a better grasp.

Being self made doesn’t pull Guilherme away from his work. He’s as involved now as he was before the billion-dollar revenue came.

Taking Advice and Learning it All

Guilherme’s view of mentorship stems from his own experiences. The money he would need, he found it through the help of venture capitalists. These givers saw giving as a lifestyle rather than a job. The financiers would partner into Guilherme’s ideas, add a few thoughts of their own and then measure the results based his proposals.

The dynamic of such a relationship built the foundation of Guilherme Paulus’ career.

In this relationship, he learned, regardless of his bright ideas and drive, that the input of others could be a stream of success. He doesn’t see his own success as solely from the work of his hands. He urges entrepreneurs to think likewise and to find leaders to bond with as they grow.

Where the Business Eventually Led

One business idea wasn’t enough for Guilherme Paulus. Brazil’s status has grown and invites more eager travelers to visit it. Here are a few businesses Guilherme built to maximize on his country’s popularity:


  • Airlines

Tourist Agencies

  • Tourist Agencies


  • Hotels


  • Resorts


Cassio Audi: Extensive Knowledge for Brazilian Business

Cassio Audi, unique and respected Brazilian businessman, has studied and applied his knowledge to the financial industry. Cassio Audio serves as the CFO for a successful and reputable investment firm located in Brazil. Brazilian investment firms are critical to the overall success of South America’s financial market. He previously worked as an income analyst. Income analysts are used for many different reasons. Income analysts may be needed to lower a company’s expenses. Individuals and cooperations utilize income analysts. Certain companies will hire an analyst to study company patterns and create a new system that is easier and more economical. Cassio Audio worked for years as a proprietary analyst. Cassio Audio worked for a manufacturing company in Brazil during his earlier years.

Cassio Audi

Manufacturing companies can manufacture a range of products ranging from plastics and metals to natural materials and resources. Manufacturing plastics and metals require similar facilities and machinery. The machinery used in manufacturing plastics is typically sold wholesale to the factory. Once the factory is established, a blueprint is created for success. Once the templates for the product are created, the factory employees workers to operate the machinery. Safety and health precautions are critical aspects to the industry’s success and advancement. To know more about him click here.

The Success Story of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Peter is one of the principals and a co-chair of the current board of directors for the Fortress Investment Group. He is the one who takes care of credit and Real estate venture at Fortress. Before he joined this firm in March 2002, Peter Briger served at Goldman, Sachs as one of its partners. This firm was a non-profit organization that helped low-income earners in Francisco. He has worked with several other institutions in different fields which allow him to widen and extend service delivery to his customers. Learn more about Peter Briger at

His handwork to ensure that he maintains a good relationship with his clients and delivery of quality services cannot go unnoticed.

He is also a board member at Caliber Schools which is a chain of schools that is dedicated to preparing students victory in their four years course and their life after school. Peter Briger studied at the University of Princeton where He graduated with an MBA Throughout his career; he has managed to maintain his good character and reputation. He has maintained his professionalism in finance and investment for a long period of time.

Peter Briger success in entrepreneurship can be attributed to his patience and a positive mentality that makes him see opportunities in everything he does. He acknowledges the fact that for entrepreneurs to succeed in business one must stay positive. Under his leadership, he has seen the company buy assets at low prices and later sell them when the price increases. He has also seen the company buy the struggling shares and later sell them when the price stabilizes.

Under Peter Briger leadership, Fortress Company has made tremendous profits and growth and that’s how he managed to come into the limelight.

His position at the Fortress investment group was as a result of his vast experience and commitment to see to it that the organization he works in accomplishes their goals. His track record, therefore, brought him to Fortress Investment group where he has managed to see it happen. Since he joined Fortress Investment group, this firm has expanded by opening branches everywhere and achieved so much in the asset management sector.



Renew Youth Providing Hormonal Treatment For Men and Women

In the last few years, there have been massive advances in the field of anti-aging treatment. One of the health care companies that have been contributing a lot to this sector is Renew Youth. It is a company that was founded in the year 1996 and continues to provide highly advanced and effective age-related treatments. As humans age, there are many different types of health issues that come up, most notably the changes in the hormones. Renew Youth has some of the best scientists and physicians working on developing anti-aging treatments, which includes pre-menopause treatment, hormonal treatment, sexual dysfunction treatment, skin care treatment, and more.

One of the treatments by Renew Youth that is much sought after is a hormonal treatment for women as they go through the transitional period between their regular period cycle and menopause. With so many people out there suffering from age-related issues, it is necessary that there are specific treatments available for men and women. Renew Youth has some of the highly effective aging-related products and programs that are widely used by people from across the globe, and its popularity has been increasing with every passing day.

The hormonal treatment for women is amongst the most sought-after therapy by Renew Youth. Moreover, Renew Youth also designed personalized anti-aging treatments for people after doing comprehensive health check-ups and screenings. Getting such treatment can drastically improve your quality of life as well as health and help you age gracefully without getting as affected as usual during old age. In women, many issues crop up, including hormonal changes as well as libido related fluctuations. If you want to consult with the anti-aging expert or want to go through the services of Renew Youth today, consult with their expert today. It is going to be a decision that would change your life for good.

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