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BetterWorks – Where a Motivated Workforce Makes the Difference

In only the second stage of funding, BetterWorks has managed to ensure the promises of its future. A total of $51 million was raised since the brand launched its series-A funding. Kleiner Perkins was a key factor in finding the venture capital. Working with Emergence Capital provided a strategic approach that also gained traction. The second stage of funding, single-handedly, raised $27 million with the likes of retail investors helping. What BetterWorks provides the public with—is a B2B, SaaS product.

Performance management is its function, and the software is expected to improve through the money that was raised. Investors look at the brand’s past and have, with high hopes, put their money into the label. Signifying the difference between product quality and team productivity is the premiss. “Where” modern brands are now competing brings their teams into focus and not just the solutions they offer to the world.

With the modern employee more focused on technology and statistically more distant, teamwork is important to build. BetterWorks comes into view as a solution for businesses to motivate their staffs through.

The BetterWorks performance software works on analyses. An examination must be done to understand what drives an office and how committed people are to the central goals you have. This brings each of a business’s leaders under a “microscope.” The work isn’t about pressuring them but is for learning more about who they are.

Introducing new-team goals is not only recommended. The BetterWorks software lays the foundation for setting the right expectations. This performance-management software will then trigger an evaluation every 10 days. The intent is to keep employees motivated and to see how far or close they are to your central objectives.

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Hyland’s Has A Rich History That Drives Its Future

Hylands has always been a brand that looks to its history and roots to inform its product development, while also meeting the homeopathic needs of modern families. As such, the medicinal company has used its century-long history and experience to create a variety of homeopathic medicines for the entire family. However, they’ve been well-known for their baby care and oral care products, most notably Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Since being released, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been a hit, because of a few key reasons. The first of these was that Hylands looked to their past to see what had been effective in their products before to help with modern issues.

Because of this, they were able to ensure that only the best natural ingredients went into Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Furthermore, the tablets are effective against the vast majority of ailments that come with teething; these include the likes of swollen or irritated gums or any other kind of discomfort. Because of that, many parents have made it their first choice when it comes to their babies oral care issues. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the product, as the FDA issued a statement outlining the concerns it had with the use of Belladonna in some homeopathic medicines. Hyland’s Teething Tablets were one of these products. However, the FDA didn’t expressly state that they wished for producers to remove the ingredient from products.

Despite this, Hylands ceased production on the medicine in 2016 before subsequently issuing a recall in 2017. However, this may have been because they were already working on an entirely new baby oral care medicine. As a result, a year later the company was able to release Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, which is just as effective, if not more so, than Hyland’s Teething Tablets. This is because Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets were designed to treat a broader symptom set that also includes gum pain from swelling, sores, and sensitive gums. Furthermore, the homeopathic medicine brand has boasted that it’s also more effective at treating overall irritability in a babies gums and mouth. Because of this, the product has become just as popular as the one that preceded it.

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Lincolnshire Management Is A Top-Rated Private Equity Firm



Have you heard about Lincolnshire Management and its team of experienced investment and financial advisors? Do you want to find out why Lincolnshire Management is considered a leading company in the investment field? Perhaps you have heard about the recent sale of Holley Performance Products.

Lincolnshire Management announced the sale of Holley Performance Products. The company was sold to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

Holley was founded in 1903 and it focuses on the design, manufacture, and marketing of performance automotive products. Holley has built an established history in the industry and serves a lifestyle market.

Holley has strong brand recognition and is also has a team of product portfolio and highly knowledgeable management professionals.

Lincolnshire Management is a leading private equity firm and has been in business since 1986. This renowned firm focuses on acquiring and investing in growing middle-market companies.

Private equity firms raise funds from a wide variety of sources such as institutions, wealthy individuals, insurance firms and endowment funds and then invest that money in acquiring and selling businesses. They exercise control over portfolio companies and have their representatives on the companies’ advisory team or boards of directors.

Private equity investments are highly lucrative and can allow you to create vast fortunes if handled appropriately. Once large funds are raised professional investors need to re-invest those funds in profitable opportunities. There is a wide range of ways to find the best opportunities that will yield the biggest possible profit. That’s where the experienced professionals at Lincolnshire Management come in.

Lincolnshire Management invests in a wide array of industries and has global recognition. Headquartered in New York, Lincolnshire Management specializes in acquisitions of private companies, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations and growth equity for private and public companies.

When it comes to choosing a private equity company or team to advise or guide you or to manage your project, it is imperative to go with one that has a great reputation in the industry.

Lincolnshire Management and its investment experts are fully committed to ensuring the best outcome for all parties involved.

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Nitin Khanna: A Man of Passion and Willpower

Nitin Khanna’s life began in India, where he was born. He proceeded through life very motivated, until finding a job within the paper industry. With his sharp thinking, however, he was able to see that his future wouldn’t last very long if he stayed there. He could see the influx of technology in the world and decided to dive into it headfirst.

Nitin Khanna began working for Oracle Corporation, taking the change in stride.

While in America, Khanna’s brother came to join him. His brother thought to get a good, well-paying job. He was working hard towards this goal when his brother convinced him that he should join in with him and his goal of entrepreneurship. Khanna had once again demonstrated his logical brain, and soon they decided to create their own technology company coining the name, Saber Corporation.

Saber quickly rose to one of the most popular tech companies in the US. It had started in Oregon, but soon was taking over. Nitin Khanna was providing many services that the government found extremely helpful, such as unemployment registrations and driver’s licenses.

With this success under his belt, Nitin Khanna went on to start another business with his brother, this one is named MergerTech is a merger and acquisition firm, which means that it helps set up the sellers with the buyers, in an organized manner. This has become the most solid foundation for this company. However, Khanna also has succeeded in finding trends among the buyers so that he may use them to his advantage. He was able to discover that people who are not from the US will pay a considerably larger amount of money for US technology.

Throughout all of this success, Khanna says that his most valuable skills are being able to keep a healthy work culture, as well as having the right team. He believes deeply that success relies on the people that you have on your team, and how happy they are to be doing business with you.

Nitin Khanna has shown himself to be a proper businessman with many morals, all of which have been credited to his success. His aggressive work ethic has paid off exponentially, and his future remains bright.

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The Inspiring Story Of OSI Group

OSI Group stands as one of the largest food and meat manufacturing companies in the entire world, with over sixty-five facilities in different locations. What was once a humble butcher shop has now turned into one of the most successful corporate businesses in the entire world. In spite of its long history, OSI Group continues to grow and become more prominent than ever before.

Otto Kolschowsky was the man behind OSI Group and the success that followed. He was a German immigrant who came to live in the United States. He decided to move to Chicago in particular because of the prominent German population that already resided there. Moving to a new country is always a challenge, which is why he decided to set up a small business that would gain him a stable income. He was well regarded in the community, and the butcher shop saw an incredible amount of success within its first ten years. Otto also decided to expand into the wholesale business during this time, thereby pushing his manufacturing and profits even further.

After spending thirty years in the business, the new economic boom proved to be incredibly beneficial for the simple butcher shop. The shop was now being run by the entire family and began to see far more demand in their business than they ever had.

In 1955, Ray Kroc decided to open his first McDonald’s restaurant. To seek his supply of meat, Kroc turned to Otto and Sons and entered into a contract with them. Over the next few years, Mcdonald’s took off and become one of the most well-known restaurant chains in the country. The company wanted to maintain the quality of meat that they offered, which is why they decided that they would let Otto and Sons be their primary supplier. This was a big step for the company and meant that they would have to expand the scale at which they were operating.

Over the years, Otto and Sons rebranded to OSI Group and improved the technology that they used. The success enabled them to even expand outside the United States to provide meat to Mcdonald’s outlets across the globe.


OSI Food Solutions Expanding Global Reach

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest companies in the world offering value-added foods. At present, the company is operating in 17 countries with over 65 facilities employing over 20,000 workforces. The company is also one of the biggest privately held businesses in the US. Through the years, the value-added foods supplier has been a partner to organizations in food-related industries with unmatched strength, sensitivity, and worldwide reputation.

OSI Food Solutions is focused on foreign and domestic expansion in the past. Since the leadership of Sheldon Lavin in 1970s, the company is geared for worldwide expansion. The recent acquisitions and purchases of the company will definitely fuel its global reach.

Series of Acquisitions

From 2016 up to 2017, the company has acquired various food processing companies. This includes the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch company that produces convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks. The company also opened a new food processing facility in Southeast Asia specifically in the Philippines in 2017 for GenOSI, which is its joint venture business.

In 2017, the company purchased the Tyson Foods, a storage warehouse and food processing plant in Chicago. Its massive space allows the company to boost its production for its consumers in the North American region. Additionally, it enables the company to address the increasing demand for its products.

It also acquired Flagship Europe and renamed it as Creative Foods Europe in 2018. The company produces frozen poultry and has a wide range of sous vide products, dressings, and sauces.

About OSI

Compared to other prepared foods suppliers, OSI Food Solutions produces products that meet the specifications of its customers. It does not provide traditional catalog products but closely works with its customers to learn the kind of flavor profile and a variety of items each one prefers. It has its own research and development team as well as a culinary team that stays updated in the latest consumer trends.

According to its chief operating officer and President David McDonald, its pattern of acquisition is a reflection of the company’s intention to constantly grow. OSI Food Solutions also aims to further expand its product lines along with its global expansion.

Carsten Thiel Believes Entrepreneurs and Businesses Need to Build on Human Connection

Carsten Thiel recently discussed his success in the pharmaceutical industry with the Medical Daily Times in an article titled, “Carsten Thiel: Impactful Medicine.” The article demonstrates how his dedication to ethics and providing good service has allowed him to bring several products to the market successfully. He doesn’t believe in creating false hope for the patients. Instead, he focuses on treating them with compassion and empathy.

Carsten Thiel also believes in a business strategy that communicates with the market instead of bringing products before communicating. He believes that communicating with customers, prescribers, and providers to speak with these people face to face allows them to get the best direct feedback. It provides incredible insights into the mindset of the customers as well as the product.

Carsten Thiel encourages others to take business seriously without taking themselves seriously. He believes it is his role in life to provide people with the necessary tools to discover success. He also believes in providing information and guidance to help others grow and leadership that recognizes others and encourages each member of the team to gain more confidence. He believes in the value of each team member and how necessary they are to the success of the company overall. He also believes it is his duty to ensure each member of the team is functioning at the highest levels possible and that they have all they need to succeed. He believes those in leadership positions need to do the same to find success for their companies.

He also believes it is important to reach out to the customer with empathy. Human connection is the source of success though not all scientists and business people believe that to be true. He has found greater success because he hasnintegrated personality, humanity, and empathy into every business transaction. He understands that the success of one depends on others and that accomplishments didn’t necessarily create success.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Successful Endeavors and Educational Finance

Ashley Lightspeed studied and created a business method for her successful career. Ashley Lightspeed made extensive and important efforts in college in order to facilitate her position at Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed consistently serves customers in her role. College courses can require intricate study times that are difficult for students to understand. Many university students have to find creative ways to study. There are many methods commonly used for the purpose of studying. One of the most common techniques is the “speak out loud technique.

This technique requires students to verbally recite what they read. Verbally reciting written text can create a better understanding of the knowledge. If one verbally recites a paragraph, they are more likely to become familiar with the text. Reciting text is usually done in increments. For example, a student may verbally recite three paragraphs and then take a break. Taking a break allows the student to absorb what they read. If a student is not given a break, they may not be able to comprehend the same level of knowledge. See more of Ashley at

The next technique used for studying is known as “note taking.” Taking a note allows the student to write each letter in accordance with the study guide. Writing trains the brain to learn what is right and what is wrong. By training the brain through written guides, students can learn quickly and easily. The last technique used for studying is known as “reading comprehension.” After a student reads an important piece of information, they are tested on it. For example, a teacher may require students to read a passage. After the passage has been read, students are tested on the material. If the students pass the test, they are able to advance. Once the student is allowed to pass the course, they begin a new semester.

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How Deirdre Baggot has Changed Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot is a highly successful woman. In a world that mostly favors the men in the society, women are considered to be the weaker generation, and they take care of the less powerful positions in the corporate section. Deirdre Baggot, however, has emerged in the male dominated market, making an impact in the generation. This career woman is known for being highly experienced as a clinician and hospital executive. When she began her career in the medical profession, the professional wanted to deal with the large number of patients who would come her way. Years later, the clinician is serving as one of the pioneers in bundled payments. Her greatest achievement in her career has been introducing a revolution in the payment section. The company she founded has been doing so well, and it is a true reflection of the passion Deirdre Baggot has for the medical profession. Baggot says that she has been working in this department for a very long time, and she has gained so much knowledge. The businesswoman is also highly educated, having gone to the top educational ranks in the world.

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When working as a clinician in the United States, Baggot discovered how taking care of the huge number of patients was difficult. Most professionals in the industry would always be left feeling helpless at the end of the day. As a nurse in one of the busy medical centers, Baggot realized that she could do something to change the payment systems that would keep the patients waiting for a long time. There were so many tests to be carried out on a patient so that the disease they are suffering from could be discovered. Deidre Baggot chose to invest her time in looking for a solution to the issue that was giving so many professionals’ sleepless nights.



Ashley Brasier’s Career With Lightspeed Ventures

With her dad as an architect, Ashley Brasier grew up with the dream of being an architect too, and this was affirmed by the way she would sit with her dad to draw up designs and sketches of buildings. Little did young Ashley know that her passion would lead her elsewhere.

Ashley’s career began at Bain & Company as an associate consultant intern, and after graduating from Duke University, she acquired the position of a senior consultant while still at Bain. From Bain, Ashley Brasier then worked at Thumbtack as the category manager in charge of weddings and events, and here, she did an excellent job through her incorporation of prototyping skills that are entailed in architecture. It is worth noting that Ashley studied Urban planning at Harvard.

Ashley Brasier eventually left Thumbtack in pursuit of higher levels of education at Stanford Business School from where she received a Master’s in Businesses Administration. During the time of her study, Ashley also worked with starting companies as a consultant to be able to finance herself. After graduating from Stanford, Ashley then joined Lightspeed venture partners where she is currently a partner. Read this article at to learn more.

Ashley in lightspeed venture partners

As a partner, “Ashley Lightspeed” works very closely with companies that are just starting to find a bearing or rather strategy and a working plan for them. She does this in heavy reliance on her prototyping method which has proven to work effectively in her past jobs. Ashley Lightspeed has shown to possess a number of skills among them being businesses management skills, prototyping skills, research, leadership, and strategy. Ashley indeed plays a significant role in the consumer investing sector at Lightspeed not only due to the numerous skills she has but also due to her experience in what she does.