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BetterWorks – Where a Motivated Workforce Makes the Difference

In only the second stage of funding, BetterWorks has managed to ensure the promises of its future. A total of $51 million was raised since the brand launched its series-A funding. Kleiner Perkins was a key factor in finding the venture capital. Working with Emergence Capital provided a strategic approach that also gained traction. The second stage of funding, single-handedly, raised $27 million with the likes of retail investors helping. What BetterWorks provides the public with—is a B2B, SaaS product.

Performance management is its function, and the software is expected to improve through the money that was raised. Investors look at the brand’s past and have, with high hopes, put their money into the label. Signifying the difference between product quality and team productivity is the premiss. “Where” modern brands are now competing brings their teams into focus and not just the solutions they offer to the world.

With the modern employee more focused on technology and statistically more distant, teamwork is important to build. BetterWorks comes into view as a solution for businesses to motivate their staffs through.

The BetterWorks performance software works on analyses. An examination must be done to understand what drives an office and how committed people are to the central goals you have. This brings each of a business’s leaders under a “microscope.” The work isn’t about pressuring them but is for learning more about who they are.

Introducing new-team goals is not only recommended. The BetterWorks software lays the foundation for setting the right expectations. This performance-management software will then trigger an evaluation every 10 days. The intent is to keep employees motivated and to see how far or close they are to your central objectives.

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