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ClassDojo: Classroom Evolution In The Making

ClassDojo is an app that gives teachers the ability to share with their online community what’s going on in their classrooms. The app is taking the world by storm as it provides a communication platform that allows teachers, parents, students to connect. It is a beacon for empowerment on many levels. One fascinating aspect of the app is that it creates an ever-growing community that is able to make a positive difference in the development of the students. Teachers can get new ideas from each other. Parents are able to stay abreast of how their child is doing despite their work schedule. Parent and child relationships are enhanced by the platform. The bonds of teachers and parents have also enhanced thanks to the platform. A ground-up change is taking place all over the world as two in three schools are adopting the use of the ClassDojo app. Creating a community that will enhance the overall collaboration of teachers, parents, and students will give everyone an experience of a lifetime. First, it creates a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Second, it provides parents and teachers with the ability to communicate more about the child’s needs in the classroom. Teachers no longer have to worry that fun experiences in the classroom are lost and will never be seen by others. Most importantly, it gives students a voice in their learning as they can upload their photos to the platform as well. Teachers work very hard every day. It is about time that parents see and understand the talents of each teacher. Teachers are able to create lesson plans, games, and other activities for students collaboratively. They don’t have to be in the same school or even in the same state. The most important thing about the ClassDojo app is that it gives teachers the ability to attend conferences. Teachers sometimes miss out on these informative meetings due to afterschool work. Being in the know of what’s going on in the community and how it can affects everyone is very important. ClassDojo is bridging the gap of lost communication between teachers, parents, and students.