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JustFab Rebuilds

An LA Times article produces a headline discussing the popular shopping website The article states how customers were believing that JustFab was basically taking their money from right under their noses due to their decision to become a subscriber on the website. The customers felt that they were not getting what they had been asking for.

I have personally seen the advertisements of this site and decided to check them out myself, so I went to and explored. I believed that it was definitely an interesting site. The shoes, handbags, and other astounding products made me want to investigate more and I found that the prices for the products on this site were reasonable.

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JustFab also sells products for children which is convenient for those parents that are subscribers that wish to buy for their kids as well instead of going on a different website.

JustFab in my opinion is a delightful site to shop on.  Statements from the article that the LA Times had published executives were aware of the incident at hand and had plans to making sure that their customers were well taken care of.

They were assuring their customers that they will never send them what they were not paying for. They have plenty of designers, who have been designing their own products, that are constantly working to make sure that they fill their customers needs and desires.

Many factories are working as well to keep up with production. Even with the complaints by customers JustFab continues to make continuous profits and still has quite a bit of loyal customers. Executives are going to continue their work every day to make sure that they can gain more loyal customers to ensure their success not only with the profit from products, but also the success in knowing that they can keep smiles on their customers faces.

George Soros Donates $25 Million to Liberal Causes

A hedge fund multi-billionaire, George Soros, is donating $25 million to Democratic Party to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid as well as other party candidates. This is not only meant to support Mrs. Clinton herself, but liberal causes such as support for immigration and criminal justice reform.

Religious tolerance is also high on Soros’ agenda. Coming from a Jewish family, he grew up in Nazi-occupied Hungary from where he moved to the United Kingdom, and then America where he amassed a $25 billion fortune in the financial markets. George Soros is also an advocate for Middle Eastern refugees, most of whom are young men.

No wonder he abhors Donald Trumps, a real estate billionaire who wants to build a wall with Mexico and stop Muslim migration to the United States. This is not the first time this mega rich financier throws his vast wealth into politics. Back in 2004, Soros spent $27 million in failed campaigns aiming to unseat George W. Bush.

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George Soros is recognized as a financial markets guru. In 1992, his fund made well over a billion dollars in a single day on a bet against the British Pound. Over the decades, Soros’ hedge fund Soros Fund Management has returned above market returns, beating nearly all other funds.

This 85-year-old financier has media closely follow his statements, whether about finance or political issues. Foundations which George Soros sponsors operate in more than 100 countries and seek to bring their liberal agendas over there. This often happens in opposition to existing governments. It has even come to the point where Russia asked these foundations to leave after claiming they’re a threat to a national security.

No wonder Soros supports Clinton on If her campaign trails Trump’s in the polls, he’s likely to help with raising more millions, especially from the leftist circles he’s well acquainted with. Will his money make a difference this time or will it be 2004 all over again? That is yet to be seen.

How Does Wen By Chaz Help Everyone With Fine Hair?

Fine hair will be the first to fall out during the day, and it is quite difficult for those with fine hair to treat it. They may be quite scared of washing their hair due to clumping in the shower, and there are several people who are trying Wen by Chaz as a remedy. This article explains a picture story from that shows how the shampoo functions on the head of a fine-haired person.
#1: The Shampoo’s Treatment

The shampoo’s treatment is very important to fine-haired people because it protects hair follicles. Hair follicles do not fall out with the new treatments from Wen by Chaz [], and everyone who is deeply-concerned about their hair must ensure they are using the shampoo regularly. Regular use of the shampoo will stop hair from falling out, and it goes on easily.

#2: How To Use The Shampoo

Using the shampoo is quite simple based on the story from Bustle. The writer chose to show the instructions on the back of the packaging, and there are quite a few people who will be relieved to use a drop of the shampoo to gain results for their hair. Everyone who needs to lather up their hair quickly will find it far simpler with aid from Wen by Chaz.

#3: Fine Hair Starts Growing

Fine hair will continually grow when Wen by Chaz is in use, and hair will become thicker than it ever was before. A single strand of hair may grow heavier than it ever has, and hair will begin to pile up on the user’s head. Thick hair is not a reality for many, but hair may become thicker when using Wen by Chaz.

The proper shampoo for fine-haired people is Wen by Chaz. The test shows how effective it may be, and someone with fine hair will end the struggle. Check out the Wen channel on YouTube for more information. Need Wen? order a bottle from Amazon.


Examining IAP’s Role in International Logistics

Many corporations tend to shy away from areas plagued with disasters such as wars. IAP is a company that has consistently defied the norm by setting up camp in regions that are considered to be challenging. IAP has cut a niche for itself by being among the leading providers of global logistics services to more than 25 nations. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

This is made possible by a strong workforce of over 2000 employees. Besides this, the firm offers advanced, competent and professional services in the management of facilities.

IAP Worldwide has been a force to reckon with in the industry. The firm’s employees are always ready to undertake tasks frowned upon by other firms, in an instant. Seamless communication flow through a well-defined leadership structure within the organization makes responses to calamities much easier.

It similarly helps IAP Worldwide to deliver technologies, programs and manpower required to address the needs of clients. The high level of workforce flexibility and integrity exuded by the firm and its staff has enabled it to build a solid customer base throughout the globe.

Banking on Experience

IAP has been building extensive linkages across all the sectors that it is involved in. This experience has been pivotal in the creation of a highly responsive and efficient network that has enabled the firm to become a reliable market leader. Over the years, the company’s drive has been to offer services that not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of its customers and all stakeholders. The firm’s conviction, passion and experience has been focused on providing innovative services at pocket friendly costs.  Read more: IAP: Home

Community Involvement

IAP’s dedication to the promotion of community welfare has been resolute. The leadership team has been on the forefront in encouraging employees to show gratitude to local communities, which have played a significant role in the firm’s growth. As a way of helping veterans, the firm reserves 30 percent of all vacancies for them.

Most of the careers at IAP Worldwide require skills such as teamwork, commitment, communication and quick decision making. This makes IAP the perfect place for veterans to apply their acquired skills.

IAP has also been supportive of community initiatives such as the United Way of Brevard. It has helped the organization raise nearly 45,000 dollars. The firm has been backing efforts aimed at improving literacy levels. It has similarly donated more than 45,000 canned goods to communities faced with hunger and starvation.

Its efforts to conserve the environment through the promotion of eco-friendly practices have also received plaudits. To read more about IAP, visit the company website.

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FreedomPop Has Changed the Game For Mobile Carriers

While FreedomPop may not be a household name, the new hot mobile carrier on the market is definitely trending in that direction. For the better part of the past decade we’ve seen cell phones take over as THE piece of tech that you just have to have. Phones are more capable than ever and they are more widely used than ever. FreedomPop is the tech ages answer to how mobile carriers are going to start doing business in the coming years. Let’s take a look at how FreedomPop is setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

For FreedomPop the answer to customer needs comes with one simple word: flexibility. Customers more than ever want the ability to create their own digital plan that caters extensively and exclusively to their needs. In order to accomplish this, FreedomPop had to start from some rather surprising origins: a completely free platform.

When you sign up with FreedomPop you are immediately given free access to the core service plan that FreedomPop offers: 200 minutes of voice, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of mobile data. This service plan is completely free and it will never cost you a dime. Consider the free service plan as your baseline from which you can begin to build off of.

If you are happy with the free service plan then your shopping is done, you can sit back and enjoy it. However, if you find yourself a fan of what FreedomPop is offering then you might want to consider upgrading your service even further. FreedomPop operates sort of like a digital buffet where you can go ahead and add your own specific services that you want to enjoy. Let’s take a look at a few core service add ons that are gaining ground.

Right now the $5 WiFi hotspot add on is very popular. For the past year FreedomPop has focused extensively on networking more than 10 million WiFi hotspots throughout the United States. For just $5 a month you can immediately get access to these spots. If you want more than WiFi you can move on up to the unlimited plan for a flat rate of $19.99 per month. This gives you unlimited access to talk, text, and data at a rate far more competitive than anything else on the market.

At its core FreedomPop is offering customers flexibility and freedom with their plans going forward.

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The Swiss Startup Factory Brings Creativity And Business Together According To Co-Founder Mike Baur

Switzerland is a federal republic in Europe that has been in existence for more than 700 years. The Swiss are a creative and precise group of people with two economic centers, Zurich, and Geneva. Switzerland is a landlocked country that is primarily divided between the Alps and the Swiss Plateau. The eight million residents of the country speak at least one of three languages, and most of them live in the Swiss Plateau. The Swiss are not part of the European Union, but the country does follow the EU’s single market system and open border treaty. The Swiss are known for being precise, direct, secretive and astute when it comes to financial matters, but the country hasn’t been successful in producing a business platform that helps young entrepreneurs turn their creative ideas into businesses, according to former banker and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur.

Mike Baur spent more than 20 years in the Swiss banking industry. Baur has an executive MBA from the University of Bern and a wealth of knowledge about international business and banking. While he was a private equity investor for Sallfort, Baur developed a network of wealthy clients that helped him learn how to maneuver in the global market. Baur decided to take that knowledge and offer it to young Swiss entrepreneurs that needed financing, coaching and contacts in order to turn their ideas into businesses. Baur and his two partners put up the money and started the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory offers its students several programs that develop business practices that can be utilized in the global market or the local Swiss market.

The Swiss Startup Factory has a three-month accelerator program that offers students conference rooms, fitness rooms, Wi-Fi, coaching, business mentoring, and financial advice along with networking contacts. The goal of the Swiss Startup Factory is to turn entrepreneurs into functioning business executives that can lead small, medium and large companies through the intricate world of international business. But not all students want to bring their talents to the international stage, according to Baur. Many students are happy doing business in the Swiss market because of the nature of their ideas, and the fact that Switzerland supports Swiss businesses. Baur thinks that the Swiss Startup Factory has become a successful venture in just two years because the team Baur and his partners put together are professional, qualified and able to project success to all the students that attend the Swiss Startup Factory programs.

Reputation Management Firm is Making Their Own Reputation

Status Labs behind the leadership of Darius Fisher, continue to lead the online reputation management industry. More evidence of that leadership and leading was announced recently in an article by PR Newsire. Handing out their annual PR World Awards, Darius Fisher, the Co-Founder and President of Status Labs earned the “Business Development Individual of the Year” award.
The annual PR World Awards program recognizes those who lead and excel in marketing, public relations, investor relations and other areas within every major industry. One primary example of how successful Status Labs has been can be realized through the 939 percent growth in revenue from 2012 to 2015.
Fisher cites the attention to brand partnerships and efforts of relationship building as key components to the success of Status Labs. He is quick to point out, however, that this success much like this most recent award is much more than recognizing him or his leadership, as he notes the “efforts” of the Status Labs teams being a primary reason for the success of the company.
With offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo, Status Labs serves in excess of 1500 clients who cover 35 countries, and continues to see expected growth. With awards like the “Innovation 50 award” last year and this newest award, it appears that Darius Fisher and the Status Labs team is only now settling into the position of industry leader for reputation management.
Historically the proof that Status Labs is a growing and innovative company is obvious and evident. Presently, winning awards and experiencing the kind of growth and revenue that they have only cements their current role as industry leader. The future? That is still to be written, but if the authors are Fisher and his team, it is a good bet that this story has a happy ending.

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Doe Deere | The Youngest Beauty Mogul of her Day


Doe Deere is the youngest entrepreneur in the fashion and makeup industry. She has taken it by storm and managed to make a niche all to herself. Her line of Unicorn makeup wasn’t just a whim. It comes with an inspiring story.

One day Doe Deere the now leader in makeup for young boys and girls was sewing some of her fashions that she designed herself. You don’t have to know Doe very long to know she is all about color! The girl just had to have matching makeup for her colorful fashions and mainstream makeup companies just didn’t cut it for Doe. So, the pioneering Russian born and New York raised Doe Deere said, well, it’s time to make a makeup line of my own. And that she did. Her Unicorn line is her most popular and most colorful line.

Today, Doe Deere is famous for her Unicorn line and it’s sold on Doe’s site as well as some select retailers such as Urban Outfitters. That’s not all to know about our dear friend Doe.
Doe Deere takes color and pattern in makeup and fashion to a whole new level. She is the fashion rule breaker of our time. She says that all the old-school limiting ways of wearing color, patterns and makeup should be ignored completely.

Don’t wear bold makeup on eyes and lips If you look at any of Doe’s pictures she constantly wears bold eye and lip color.

Don’t wear Stripes and Patterns According to Doe, as long as you wear colors that go together, you’ll be just fine. You have full license to wear any amount of stripes and patterns together you want.

Don’t wear too much color This one is a no-no for sure. You can’t tell the queen of color not to don as much color as possible.



AirBnB and You: Information to Consider

While the idea of renting out part of your house to make some extra cash is an intriguing one, there are many small, hidden problems that can arise from the AirBnB model. It’s important in this day and age to protect you and your wealth from any potential liabilities. What may start out as an extra cash flow could easily turn into a giant cash sink of lawyers fees and insurance payouts.

It’s vital to take into account each and every risk that could arise, ideally under the watchful gaze of a qualified wealth or investment manager. For instance, most insurance policies don’t cover short term rentals, like those offered through AirBnB. This could leave you personally liable for any damages or accidents caused by your tenants. Only through careful financial planning and money management can you fortify yourself from any potential threat.

Luckily, you’re covered. With over 20 years of experience in wealth and investment management, Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc has the experience necessary to make sure your hard work will pay off. Blair has expertise in insurance, securities, asset protection, and many other fields – all of this equals a professional who knows what he’s doing, and the best way to accomplish it. You can trust that Blair will take care of you, as he manages over $55 million in assets, and not just in Austin, TX.

Through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and proven results, Blair aims to create a professional, diversified investment portfolio for his customers. Blair has a long history in the financial sector, and his dedication to the field logically led to Wealth Solutions Inc forming in 1994. There are few people more qualified than Blair to get you on the right investment track, especially to meet any retirement goals you might have, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment.

Short-term rentals are just like any other investment. It’s important to have someone skilled by your side to help you navigate the investment landscape. Take the time and get a proper risk evaluation, and contact Richard Blair; your wallet will thank you.

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Nutrimost Files Major Law Suit Against Rival Healthy Living

In a recent article published by the New York Daily News’ website, it has been announced that the weight loss program Nutrimost has filed a lawsuit against a competitor for allegedly stealing one of their promotional videos. Nutrimost claims that after pirating their promotional video, their rival Healthy Living posted the pirated material to their website, and simply replaced each reference to Nutrimost with one to Healthy Living. Initially, Nutrimost filed a cease-and-desist with the court to request that Healthy Living pull the video from their site. However, they failed to comply with the cease-and-desist letter, resulting in the lawsuit.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost claims that their weight loss programs and complete nutrition program are “The most powerful technology for a better life”. They boast that by signing up for your programs you will learn all of the following all of the techniques and strategies you will need to lose weight and feel better overall. The website features a gallery of clients that have bought into the system and posted their results as a testimonial. Many of the testimonials say that the client lost weight, dress sizes, and body fat. Others say that they are feeling better and have noticed a boost in their energy levels.

The programs have been written and are run by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a world renowned physician that believes in taking an all natural and holistic approach to medicine. He has received a long list of awards for his work and contributions to medicine including the Outstanding Service Award – American Chiropractic Association, the Humanitarian Award – for service to the Profession & Community, and the Award of Excellence – From Teaching the World About Chiropractic. For more information on Dr. Ray or Nutrimost you can visit their website at

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