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The Swiss Startup Factory Brings Creativity And Business Together According To Co-Founder Mike Baur

Switzerland is a federal republic in Europe that has been in existence for more than 700 years. The Swiss are a creative and precise group of people with two economic centers, Zurich, and Geneva. Switzerland is a landlocked country that is primarily divided between the Alps and the Swiss Plateau. The eight million residents of the country speak at least one of three languages, and most of them live in the Swiss Plateau. The Swiss are not part of the European Union, but the country does follow the EU’s single market system and open border treaty. The Swiss are known for being precise, direct, secretive and astute when it comes to financial matters, but the country hasn’t been successful in producing a business platform that helps young entrepreneurs turn their creative ideas into businesses, according to former banker and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur.

Mike Baur spent more than 20 years in the Swiss banking industry. Baur has an executive MBA from the University of Bern and a wealth of knowledge about international business and banking. While he was a private equity investor for Sallfort, Baur developed a network of wealthy clients that helped him learn how to maneuver in the global market. Baur decided to take that knowledge and offer it to young Swiss entrepreneurs that needed financing, coaching and contacts in order to turn their ideas into businesses. Baur and his two partners put up the money and started the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory offers its students several programs that develop business practices that can be utilized in the global market or the local Swiss market.

The Swiss Startup Factory has a three-month accelerator program that offers students conference rooms, fitness rooms, Wi-Fi, coaching, business mentoring, and financial advice along with networking contacts. The goal of the Swiss Startup Factory is to turn entrepreneurs into functioning business executives that can lead small, medium and large companies through the intricate world of international business. But not all students want to bring their talents to the international stage, according to Baur. Many students are happy doing business in the Swiss market because of the nature of their ideas, and the fact that Switzerland supports Swiss businesses. Baur thinks that the Swiss Startup Factory has become a successful venture in just two years because the team Baur and his partners put together are professional, qualified and able to project success to all the students that attend the Swiss Startup Factory programs.

Reputation Management Firm is Making Their Own Reputation

Status Labs behind the leadership of Darius Fisher, continue to lead the online reputation management industry. More evidence of that leadership and leading was announced recently in an article by PR Newsire. Handing out their annual PR World Awards, Darius Fisher, the Co-Founder and President of Status Labs earned the “Business Development Individual of the Year” award.
The annual PR World Awards program recognizes those who lead and excel in marketing, public relations, investor relations and other areas within every major industry. One primary example of how successful Status Labs has been can be realized through the 939 percent growth in revenue from 2012 to 2015.
Fisher cites the attention to brand partnerships and efforts of relationship building as key components to the success of Status Labs. He is quick to point out, however, that this success much like this most recent award is much more than recognizing him or his leadership, as he notes the “efforts” of the Status Labs teams being a primary reason for the success of the company.
With offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo, Status Labs serves in excess of 1500 clients who cover 35 countries, and continues to see expected growth. With awards like the “Innovation 50 award” last year and this newest award, it appears that Darius Fisher and the Status Labs team is only now settling into the position of industry leader for reputation management.
Historically the proof that Status Labs is a growing and innovative company is obvious and evident. Presently, winning awards and experiencing the kind of growth and revenue that they have only cements their current role as industry leader. The future? That is still to be written, but if the authors are Fisher and his team, it is a good bet that this story has a happy ending.

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Doe Deere | The Youngest Beauty Mogul of her Day


Doe Deere is the youngest entrepreneur in the fashion and makeup industry. She has taken it by storm and managed to make a niche all to herself. Her line of Unicorn makeup wasn’t just a whim. It comes with an inspiring story.

One day Doe Deere the now leader in makeup for young boys and girls was sewing some of her fashions that she designed herself. You don’t have to know Doe very long to know she is all about color! The girl just had to have matching makeup for her colorful fashions and mainstream makeup companies just didn’t cut it for Doe. So, the pioneering Russian born and New York raised Doe Deere said, well, it’s time to make a makeup line of my own. And that she did. Her Unicorn line is her most popular and most colorful line.

Today, Doe Deere is famous for her Unicorn line and it’s sold on Doe’s site as well as some select retailers such as Urban Outfitters. That’s not all to know about our dear friend Doe.
Doe Deere takes color and pattern in makeup and fashion to a whole new level. She is the fashion rule breaker of our time. She says that all the old-school limiting ways of wearing color, patterns and makeup should be ignored completely.

Don’t wear bold makeup on eyes and lips If you look at any of Doe’s pictures she constantly wears bold eye and lip color.

Don’t wear Stripes and Patterns According to Doe, as long as you wear colors that go together, you’ll be just fine. You have full license to wear any amount of stripes and patterns together you want.

Don’t wear too much color This one is a no-no for sure. You can’t tell the queen of color not to don as much color as possible.



AirBnB and You: Information to Consider

While the idea of renting out part of your house to make some extra cash is an intriguing one, there are many small, hidden problems that can arise from the AirBnB model. It’s important in this day and age to protect you and your wealth from any potential liabilities. What may start out as an extra cash flow could easily turn into a giant cash sink of lawyers fees and insurance payouts.

It’s vital to take into account each and every risk that could arise, ideally under the watchful gaze of a qualified wealth or investment manager. For instance, most insurance policies don’t cover short term rentals, like those offered through AirBnB. This could leave you personally liable for any damages or accidents caused by your tenants. Only through careful financial planning and money management can you fortify yourself from any potential threat.

Luckily, you’re covered. With over 20 years of experience in wealth and investment management, Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc has the experience necessary to make sure your hard work will pay off. Blair has expertise in insurance, securities, asset protection, and many other fields – all of this equals a professional who knows what he’s doing, and the best way to accomplish it. You can trust that Blair will take care of you, as he manages over $55 million in assets, and not just in Austin, TX.

Through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and proven results, Blair aims to create a professional, diversified investment portfolio for his customers. Blair has a long history in the financial sector, and his dedication to the field logically led to Wealth Solutions Inc forming in 1994. There are few people more qualified than Blair to get you on the right investment track, especially to meet any retirement goals you might have, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment.

Short-term rentals are just like any other investment. It’s important to have someone skilled by your side to help you navigate the investment landscape. Take the time and get a proper risk evaluation, and contact Richard Blair; your wallet will thank you.

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Nutrimost Files Major Law Suit Against Rival Healthy Living

In a recent article published by the New York Daily News’ website, it has been announced that the weight loss program Nutrimost has filed a lawsuit against a competitor for allegedly stealing one of their promotional videos. Nutrimost claims that after pirating their promotional video, their rival Healthy Living posted the pirated material to their website, and simply replaced each reference to Nutrimost with one to Healthy Living. Initially, Nutrimost filed a cease-and-desist with the court to request that Healthy Living pull the video from their site. However, they failed to comply with the cease-and-desist letter, resulting in the lawsuit.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost claims that their weight loss programs and complete nutrition program are “The most powerful technology for a better life”. They boast that by signing up for your programs you will learn all of the following all of the techniques and strategies you will need to lose weight and feel better overall. The website features a gallery of clients that have bought into the system and posted their results as a testimonial. Many of the testimonials say that the client lost weight, dress sizes, and body fat. Others say that they are feeling better and have noticed a boost in their energy levels.

The programs have been written and are run by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a world renowned physician that believes in taking an all natural and holistic approach to medicine. He has received a long list of awards for his work and contributions to medicine including the Outstanding Service Award – American Chiropractic Association, the Humanitarian Award – for service to the Profession & Community, and the Award of Excellence – From Teaching the World About Chiropractic. For more information on Dr. Ray or Nutrimost you can visit their website at

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The Midas Legacy – Online Publication by Jim Samson, International Expert on Finance

An international expert on finance, Jim Samson advises individuals on a regular basis regarding issues of money. He promotes his advice on a regular basis to his readers looking for the best investment ideas. He also takes in feedback from other experts, such as a natural health expert. The object is to make all readers as wealthy as possible. Thus, The Midas Legacy seeks to provide advice on how to take advantage of current trends and other aspects of the global economy so individuals can earn significant profits.

The Midas Legacy is based in Winter Garden, Fla. The firm is unique in that it caters to individuals with aspirations as well as retirees. Even aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from the advice that The Midas Legacy provides, which is a departure from the typical wealth management firms that are focused on assisting retirees or people with children in planning for the future. The firm is focused on providing a well-rounded approach, and also provides advice on health and success.

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Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

The Midas Legacy – Giving Back

Overall, the company’s website is loaded with resources and tips for planning for retirement and beyond. The Midas Legacy has a retirement calculator which allows users to see how much money they will need for retirement and the future. The Wall Street Informer is a premium service which is a sister publication that provides advice on the best stocks to choose. The firm uses much of their resources staying abreast of current events and other items which could potentially impact the market as well as consumers. Consumers find that they need this knowledge in order to stay on top of their game financially as well as mentally.

The Midas Legacy also regularly gives back to the community and to others. It’s a gold business member of the Florida Sheriff’s Association. The company also makes significant contributions to the Give Hope Foundation which supports families whom are suffering from childhood cancer. The Midas Legacy also donates to the Wounded Warrior Project which is focused on disabled veterans, as well as the Salvation Army which cares for disaster victims and the homeless. Finally, the company also donates to the ASPCA which provides assistance to the community. The Midas Legacy is thus an upstanding community member which supports those whom have fallen on hard times in their needs.

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My Dog Has Great Taste In Food

I have had my dog for over five years now. He is a part of the family to me. My parents always made family events a big deal and those values still stay with me until this day. My dog’s name is Sam and he’s all I have left of my family today. My parents have passed away, and it’s just Sam and me. I sure do wish I had my parents around but Sam always seems to make me smile. I care deeply about Sams health and want to make sure I give him the best food out there. I’ve always stuck with a brand that I trust and they even have multiple varieties to choose from. This keeps Sam happy and that keeps me happy too.
Sam has always been a fan of PurinaStore‘s Beneful Originals blend. With all the antioxidant-rich nutrition I know my dog is getting a healthy meal. Sometimes I like to mix Purina One SmartBlend Classic in with the dry dog food to spice things up for Sam. I never feed my dog the same thing during meal times. Purina Beneful has exciting blends that keep my dog happy, healthy and energetic.

Throughout the week if Sam doesn’t decide to tear up my slippers I will give him a treat. I’ve never seen a dog get so excited about a treat before. Purina Beneful Baked Delights are a great snack to have around the house. Sam loves the mix of apple, carrots and peanut butter taste infused in the treats. It’s great to see my dog so happy with a healthy snack. See,

Purina Beneful also has bacon and cheese flavored snacks which I normally stock up on during the winter. They offer a real beef and cheese flavor too that Sam goes crazy over. I have to watch him with those he ends up eating the whole bag.

The one product I love the most has to be Purina Beneful’s Healthy Smile Treats. Many vets recommend this and Sam goes wild over the taste. Whenever I go Walmart shopping, I make sure to purchase all these varieties because Sam really loves them. It’s really a win-win for everyone. I’m glad that someone working at Purina takes the time out to think of their pets when making such great product. You can see the attention to detail and most of all you can see the love.

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Considerations Like Wealth Solutions and Insurance

Many people are looking for ways to make fast and easy money. Among the methods being used is renting their property on Airbnb. However, there are a lot of things to consider when taking that route. For one thing, there are a lot of potential risks that need to be addressed with tenants. For one thing, the person that takes in the tenants has to take responsibility for any of the damages or injuries done to any neighbors. Also, insurance does not cover a lot of short term rentals. Also, Airbnb’s protection services is not at work until every other option is exhausted.

For those that are interested in renting their home, they must look at all the risk factors associated with renting. Then they must speak with a financial expert. One financial expert that is worth considering is Richard Blair, of Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair has a lot of experience with helping people with their financial goals. He takes time to discuss with his clients the goals and plans that they have for their future so that they can come up with a plan to achieve their goals. Among the activities Richard Blair helps with is making investments.

Investments can be one of the easiest ways to make money. While it does involve work, it involves a different type of work. Richard has a lot of years of experience with making investments in the market with his company Wealth Solutions. He is highly skilled in areas such as estate tax, asset protection, and many other financial related fields. Anyone that is looking for financial advice or other types of advice that influences their financial future will get what they need from Richard Blair and his company, Wealth Solutions, Inc. Wealth Solutions uses advanced technology in order to help with their services to its clients, when it comes to activities like renting out a home.

Renting a home is a decision that needs to be carefully thought through. Wealth Solutions, Inc is able to help people make sure that they have everything they need to go through with the rental process.

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Alger Loves The Salmon That Beneful Puts Into Their Food

My dog named Alger is my fur baby and I would be completely lost without him in my life as he brings me a lot of joy and happiness even when I’m upset about something. Alger is a husky with white fur and bright blue eyes. Alger is playful, caring, loving, and goofy at all times throughout the day. Before Nestle Purinastore Petcare Beneful dog food, Alger was not as nearly happy every day as he is now since he has been on it. Alger loves Beneful dog food because it has more flavor than any other dog food out there does and I like getting him Beneful because I enjoy seeing him happy and it saves me a lot of money so that I can spoil him with doggy toys. Alger likes many different types of Beneful dog food’s that are on the market but his favorites are Beneful originals, chopped blends, Tuscan style medley, and roasted chicken recipe. Beneful originals are one of the many dry dog foods that Beneful sells on Amazon. Alger’s favorite Beneful originals flavor is the salmon flavor because he loves the taste of fish. Beneful chopped blends is a wet dog food [click here:] that Beneful makes and sells to its customers. Beneful chopped blends are offered in all different kinds of flavors these include chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, and lamb. Alger’s favorite flavor of Beneful chopped blends is the lamb flavor because it not only has lamb in it but also includes brown rice, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes in it. Beneful’s Tuscan style medley is one of the many medley type wet dog food’s that Beneful sells and it has beef, carrots, rice, and spinach in it. Last but not least Beneful’s roasted chicken recipe has pasta, carrots, and spinach in it. The reason Alger likes the roasted chicken recipe so much is because he loves pasta as much as he loves salmon. Like I mentioned by listing off ingredients in some of the Beneful foods that Alger eats it is extremely healthy and nutritious for him and that is another reason why I love to feed it to him.



Potato Chip SKOUT Celebration to Help Combat Hunger

SKOUT has decided to celebrate National Potato Chip Day with a way to help bring people together. On March 14, America’s favorite snack will receive its day of honor and SKOUT is sending 3,000 of its users a survey to see how they really feel about the chip. This app plays interactive games and surveys to help break the ice between strangers to make more connections.

Some of the results were expected. Almost everyone loves potato chips. Some of the results were interesting. The users who picked lime/citrus flavor chips as their favorite tend to have more friends. The chip lovers that are least likely to hit the gym are plain chips and cheddar chips. Other cute results were Jimmy Fallon won the honor as the late night celeb most people would like to share a chip bag with. Oddly enough the majority of people who like BBQ chips, they also like Donald Trump.

Skout is more than fun and games. They are known for giving back to the community. For every virtual potato chip sticker given, part of those proceeds go to the local food bank to help combat hunger. SKOUT’s goal is to give a cash donation to ensure that 20,000 people facing hunger have been helped.

SKOUT is a social app that allows its users to meet new people and expand their network. The SKOUT user base spans more than 180 countries and comes in 16 languages. SKOUT wants to users to have a way to easily connect in a safe manner. One safety measure includes separating the adult from the teen population, so the teen users will be able to interact safely. SKOUT never gives a users precise location but does allow a user to see who is in the general area, so people can connect with others locally. The app has user profiles, instant messaging, virtual gifts, games and so much more.

SKOUT has been known to have fun icebreaker type games and celebrate holidays. Usually, like Potato Chip Day or Super Hero Day, they follow up the fun with donations to local charities. This company invests in its users and the local community.

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