Rebel Wilson on moving from Perth to Hollywood

Celebrated actress rebel Wilson remembers the days vividly when she was a young kid growing with her family in Perth, Australia. It is the place where she was born and got an education. However, what she remembers most was when she had to ump the pond.

While growing up, she always knew that she would be an international star and therefore, she would have to leave her home country. However, she probably never thought that it would happen the way it unfolded. This process occurred rather too fast, and so, she is one of the most active movie stars in Hollywood. Her story is an inspiring one.

Starting the career in Australia

Those who did not know Rebel Wilson before she made her mark in Hollywood may not know that she was an already accomplished star before moving to Hollywood. She was working with local agents and was appearing in various TV programmes. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

However, she knew that bigger things were waiting for her and to achieve them; she had to jump the pond. That is the reason she started planning for her move from Australia to America. She finally ended up in West Hollywood in 2010, and there has not been anything to stop her from achieving her dreams. Apart from the many movies that she has featured in she is also set to appear in those that are still in the production stage.

Taking over Hollywood

Rebel Wilson says that when she walked into the office of her agents, they were amazed by the way she looked. They had not even tested her in an acting role, but they were already telling her that they did not have anyone on their books like her.

It has more to do with her general appearance, and therefore, the agents were confident that she would fit many unique roles that often lack the perfect actress. It was a fantastic experience when they signed her on the second day of her visit. She went ahead to appear in the first international movie, and that is how she hit the road running in Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson was an active member of the drama club in her school. She was also involved in public debates from a young age because she wanted to gain the courage to speak in public. All these things were preparations for her acting career. She says that was it not for her teachers and parents; she would have never git the courage to accomplish half of the things that she has done.

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