The Inspiring Story Of OSI Group

OSI Group stands as one of the largest food and meat manufacturing companies in the entire world, with over sixty-five facilities in different locations. What was once a humble butcher shop has now turned into one of the most successful corporate businesses in the entire world. In spite of its long history, OSI Group continues to grow and become more prominent than ever before.

Otto Kolschowsky was the man behind OSI Group and the success that followed. He was a German immigrant who came to live in the United States. He decided to move to Chicago in particular because of the prominent German population that already resided there. Moving to a new country is always a challenge, which is why he decided to set up a small business that would gain him a stable income. He was well regarded in the community, and the butcher shop saw an incredible amount of success within its first ten years. Otto also decided to expand into the wholesale business during this time, thereby pushing his manufacturing and profits even further.

After spending thirty years in the business, the new economic boom proved to be incredibly beneficial for the simple butcher shop. The shop was now being run by the entire family and began to see far more demand in their business than they ever had.

In 1955, Ray Kroc decided to open his first McDonald’s restaurant. To seek his supply of meat, Kroc turned to Otto and Sons and entered into a contract with them. Over the next few years, Mcdonald’s took off and become one of the most well-known restaurant chains in the country. The company wanted to maintain the quality of meat that they offered, which is why they decided that they would let Otto and Sons be their primary supplier. This was a big step for the company and meant that they would have to expand the scale at which they were operating.

Over the years, Otto and Sons rebranded to OSI Group and improved the technology that they used. The success enabled them to even expand outside the United States to provide meat to Mcdonald’s outlets across the globe.


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