Rocketship Education Helps Disadvantaged Students to Achieve

Rocketship Education has been helping students in impoverished neighborhoods to succeed since 2006. This is charter schools system that is located within different parts of the United States. Rocketship Education was created by Preston Smith and John Danner. These two individuals wanted to transform the education system for students who were not benefiting the least. Rocketship Education serves disadvantage kids in poor communities all over the nation.

Rocketship Education has developed a model that is implemented all over the country within their different school branches. This model helps inner city kids to maximize their fullest potential by laying down a solid foundation. Children that attend Rocketship Education are actually being prepared for college at the elementary school level.

This charter school has a grade level from K – 5. Students at Rocketship Education are given grade appropriate instruction but they are also taught material that will help to excel their overall learning. This strong foundation is what helps to prepare them for middle school and high school. College courses will naturally fall into place once a student is fast tracked on this process.

Many parents (of students) are satisfied with Rocketship Education’s process. They enjoy the way that most Rocketship Education branches includes them in the school’s development. When a Rocketship Education branch is being built, parents can preview the buildings before they are completed. They can also get involved with the teacher selection process for their students. This way, they can have a say on who teaches their children. Parents are also involved (by the school) with their child’s education process from start to finish.

Rocketship Education also shows success in the area of test scores. Over 70% of their student body past standardized state tests. This is a common occurrence within most of their schools. Their success rate in this area alone has helped the school to excel and students to become outstanding pupils. Rocketship Education continues to work hard with serving communities and with preparing students for a future of college and beyond.

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