Article Title: A Steady Climb to the Very Top by Guilherme Paulus

We see Guilherme Paulus where the wealthiest Brazilian entrepreneurs reside. There, he sits with a billion-dollar-revenue stream, which began to grow after his first steps of humility. With a net worth around 1.1 billion, Guilherme reflects a wealthier reality than he had as an intern at IBM. His humble state came from the advice of those who were around him. These professionals assured him that his ideas would need funding.

Funding was key to building his empire. The world looks at Guilherme Paulus today; they see someones who redefines Brazil’s identity. He changed how people thought—when looking at the venture capital of his country. There’s a sense of pride he has in seeing the major changes, to know his influence in it and to give the planet a better grasp.

Being self made doesn’t pull Guilherme away from his work. He’s as involved now as he was before the billion-dollar revenue came.

Taking Advice and Learning it All

Guilherme’s view of mentorship stems from his own experiences. The money he would need, he found it through the help of venture capitalists. These givers saw giving as a lifestyle rather than a job. The financiers would partner into Guilherme’s ideas, add a few thoughts of their own and then measure the results based his proposals.

The dynamic of such a relationship built the foundation of Guilherme Paulus’ career.

In this relationship, he learned, regardless of his bright ideas and drive, that the input of others could be a stream of success. He doesn’t see his own success as solely from the work of his hands. He urges entrepreneurs to think likewise and to find leaders to bond with as they grow.

Where the Business Eventually Led

One business idea wasn’t enough for Guilherme Paulus. Brazil’s status has grown and invites more eager travelers to visit it. Here are a few businesses Guilherme built to maximize on his country’s popularity:


  • Airlines

Tourist Agencies

  • Tourist Agencies


  • Hotels


  • Resorts


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