Neurocore is a great research group that is challenging people to think about mental disorders in a different way. The group started with doctors that believed there had to be a better option to treat mental disorders than to just give drugs to the patients. So the doctors formed the Neurocore research group which first started trying to prove that there were measurable differences in brain waves for those that had no mental disorders and those that did have mental disorders. After doing scans on hundreds of patients they were able to prove that theory without a doubt but they also saw the those with different disorders had different function as well. This led to them to the conclusion that whatever treatment they developed it would have to be something that could be personalized for every patient in order for it to work the best. Read more about Neurocore at

With researching on what could be done the doctors came across brain training which ended up being their break through. They started to treat those test patients that had willingly signed up for the experiment that they were doing. After years and treating many more patients after they were comfortable enough to formally publish their findings which was that with the personalized brain training a person can actually train their brain to function normally. This would allow the patient to live a normal life without having to be on drugs all the time.


So the company now has centers growing all over the country that is able to treat people with all types of mental disorders. Those that come to the center get a one on one experience and start with having brain scans. If the person is currently on medication the center will do a scan with and without their medication in the system of the patient. This allows them to get a true picture of what they are working with without the medication and show the patient what their function is even with the medication. So the center then develops a plan that is just for them and start teaching them the brain training exercises. On a daily basis this must be carried out by the patient so they must be dedicated to their treatment which is something that they are told up front. After being monitored for up to months by the center and seeing improvement in the patient they may decide that they can continue on their own. Thus at the end of the treatment they get to see how far their brain function has come while still being able to continue the training at home if they wish. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

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