James Dondero’s Appointed Company President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nex Point Residential Trust

James Dondero was appointed as Company President and also appointed as a Chairman of the Board of Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc. Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc is also known by its abbreviation on the stock market as (NXRT). James Dondero made Chairman of the Board of Nex Point because of his success in his financial career. James Dondero is also a Co-Founder of Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

James Dondero and many other financially influential people created a conglomerate of financial corporations. Beginning with Highland Capital Management and Nex Point Real Estate Advisors. Then venturing into other affiliated companies.

Mr. Dondero is the Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and/or he is on the Board of Directors for the following affiliated companies: Such as Nex Point Advisors, Nex Bank and the newest addition to the affiliated conglomerate is called Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc.

Each one of these companies has a specific purpose in the financial market. Let us start with Highland Capital Management- Highland is a financial advisory company. Therefore, any area that that pertains to financial investing advice, business investment, bond investment, private investing as well as financial loans, and helping out distressed companies and governments.

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Next, we will look at Nex Bank- Nex Bank deals with everything pertaining to financial banking needs. Some examples are investment banking, financial banking and collateral loans for investing. Nex Bank is similar to regular banks except for it handles both private investment as well as public banking needs.

Following Nex Bank is the creation of Nex Point Real Estate Advisors- This company gives good sound advice to its clients in real estate investing, purchasing profitable properties and business properties. Furthermore, Nex Point Real Estate Advisors also gives advice on liquidation of multiple properties for greater benefits to its client.

Finally, the newest company James Dondero helped to create is called Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc. Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc focuses mainly on the growing real estate market. Nex Point also deals with real estate like purchasing properties alone or investing with others. Nex Point Residential also pertains to areas like building or selling refurbished properties for a greater value than when the properties were purchased. Another reason why Nex Point Residential Trust was created is because James Dondero has always been interested in the Area of real estate investing. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

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