Carsten Thiel-Chief Executive Officer Abeona Therapeutics

Carsten Thiel is among the experts and technical commentators who believe we are entering Golden Age of Biotechnology. He has a Ph.D. and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company for clinical stages that mainly develops both gene and cell therapies for unusual and dangerous genetic diseases and also a major constituent of the golden age of biotechnology of which Carsten Thiel is very much part of.

In this era, people are seeing the invention of technologies that were past strictly the domain of science fiction. Biotechnology will also experience massive growth in the course of the next few years just as aerospace engineering and computing underwent through immense growth in less than two periods between 1950-1960.Biotechnology is currently at the pace of fresh inventions in the discipline that speeds up significantly. It is important because it addresses the most elementary and important needs of human race. DNA and human genome are as a result of biotechnology, for example back in the ’95 a process that costs currently measly $10,000 costed over $2.6 billion to sequence human genome. It has led to detonation of new medicines and treatments. The price fall occurred at the same time as advances in computers, statistical processing and digital information storage. It is far much easier invent newer, more efficient medicines to closely examine human genetic material.

The company has acquired four worldwide exclusive permits to the NAV AAV9 Vector. With it clinical and preclinical treatments. With it they are a step closer to bringing transformative therapies to the communities in need of them. The company is committed to execution of their corporate strategy to become elite in the treatment of genetic diseases since there are no adequate therapies. In the preparation for the next phase of Abeona’s growth, Dr. Joao Siffert joined the company as the new chief of Medical Officer and Head of Research and Development.

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