Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is a professional with vast knowledge in the field of investment. She is based in New York City. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Barnad College. She got her MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Sandy Chin has a rich 20 Year experience in investment management.

Sandy Chin is a mentor for many young women stepping out in the world of finance. Currently, she is serving as a portfolio manager at Hedge fund Tidal Bore Capital, which with the help of her mentor was launched in the year 2016. Sandy also started a non-profitable organization by the name StreetSquash. The organization aims to support schools, children and families in Harlem and also Newark.

In the world today, it can be very confusing when starting a new career, especially for young people. Sometimes you might come short of directions, motivation and ideas. Establishing yourself in a new career is quite challenging. You fail to understand where you will start. Therefore, you need individuals with the necessary knowledge skill and experience to guide you through the process to be successful in the field you are venturing into.

These bring out the importance of mentorship. For those planning to move to the next level in their respective careers, they need to acknowledge the important role a mentor plays in their development. Sandy Chin says that to progress, you must put into account a few facts:

Mentors offer valuable lessons in the field.

Sandy met William Bill Leach, her mentor after she joined his investment team. According to Sandy, she learned a lot of important lessons from William. Chief among them are; you should never turn down a meeting. Even though the company may be small or the analyst is a junior.

Always make a point of asking questions.

Mentors Contribute Knowledge and experience.

Mentors play an important role in contributing to your knowledge and your experience as Sandy explains it plays a vital role in one’s industry.

Mentors help open new opportunities.

Sandy chin explains that mentors help in opening new doors for you. You meet new people through your mentor. This in turns translates to new business opportunities for you.

Mentors answer important questions.

Sandy Chins explains that Mentors can answer questions that you may have. This includes questions about succeeding in the current industry.

Mentors help you avoid mistakes.

Due to the vast experience that the mentors have in the field, Sandy Chin explains that they will help you avoid the costly mistakes they made in the past. Another good reason to have a mentor.

A good mentor is essential to one’s success; in addition, it plays an important role in realizing one’s dream.

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