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Carsten Thiel Believes Entrepreneurs and Businesses Need to Build on Human Connection

Carsten Thiel recently discussed his success in the pharmaceutical industry with the Medical Daily Times in an article titled, “Carsten Thiel: Impactful Medicine.” The article demonstrates how his dedication to ethics and providing good service has allowed him to bring several products to the market successfully. He doesn’t believe in creating false hope for the patients. Instead, he focuses on treating them with compassion and empathy.

Carsten Thiel also believes in a business strategy that communicates with the market instead of bringing products before communicating. He believes that communicating with customers, prescribers, and providers to speak with these people face to face allows them to get the best direct feedback. It provides incredible insights into the mindset of the customers as well as the product.

Carsten Thiel encourages others to take business seriously without taking themselves seriously. He believes it is his role in life to provide people with the necessary tools to discover success. He also believes in providing information and guidance to help others grow and leadership that recognizes others and encourages each member of the team to gain more confidence. He believes in the value of each team member and how necessary they are to the success of the company overall. He also believes it is his duty to ensure each member of the team is functioning at the highest levels possible and that they have all they need to succeed. He believes those in leadership positions need to do the same to find success for their companies.

He also believes it is important to reach out to the customer with empathy. Human connection is the source of success though not all scientists and business people believe that to be true. He has found greater success because he hasnintegrated personality, humanity, and empathy into every business transaction. He understands that the success of one depends on others and that accomplishments didn’t necessarily create success.

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Article Title: A Steady Climb to the Very Top by Guilherme Paulus

We see Guilherme Paulus where the wealthiest Brazilian entrepreneurs reside. There, he sits with a billion-dollar-revenue stream, which began to grow after his first steps of humility. With a net worth around 1.1 billion, Guilherme reflects a wealthier reality than he had as an intern at IBM. His humble state came from the advice of those who were around him. These professionals assured him that his ideas would need funding.

Funding was key to building his empire. The world looks at Guilherme Paulus today; they see someones who redefines Brazil’s identity. He changed how people thought—when looking at the venture capital of his country. There’s a sense of pride he has in seeing the major changes, to know his influence in it and to give the planet a better grasp.

Being self made doesn’t pull Guilherme away from his work. He’s as involved now as he was before the billion-dollar revenue came.

Taking Advice and Learning it All

Guilherme’s view of mentorship stems from his own experiences. The money he would need, he found it through the help of venture capitalists. These givers saw giving as a lifestyle rather than a job. The financiers would partner into Guilherme’s ideas, add a few thoughts of their own and then measure the results based his proposals.

The dynamic of such a relationship built the foundation of Guilherme Paulus’ career.

In this relationship, he learned, regardless of his bright ideas and drive, that the input of others could be a stream of success. He doesn’t see his own success as solely from the work of his hands. He urges entrepreneurs to think likewise and to find leaders to bond with as they grow.

Where the Business Eventually Led

One business idea wasn’t enough for Guilherme Paulus. Brazil’s status has grown and invites more eager travelers to visit it. Here are a few businesses Guilherme built to maximize on his country’s popularity:


  • Airlines

Tourist Agencies

  • Tourist Agencies


  • Hotels


  • Resorts


Marc Beer: Investing in Biotechnology Companies to Improve

Women’s health worldwide received a boost after Renovia Inc. raised $10 million from venture debt and $32 million from a Series B round of funding. The funds raised will be directed towards developing products for diagnosing and treating pelvic disorders which affect more than 250 million women globally.


To raise the mentioned funds, the medtech company called on the services of Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors based in Missouri and New York respectively. The Longwood Fund was one of the earliest investors in Renovia Inc. The investment firm focuses on healthcare companies and also joined the Series B round.


Based in Boston, Renovia Inc. is looking to develop and test another four diagnostic and therapeutic devices in addition to a new generation of the Leva device. Leva, the company’s first product, was approved by the FDA in April 2018.


In a statement, the CEO of Renovia Inc. said he was happy to have found support in leading healthcare investors interested in treating and improving the lives of women affected by pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.


He added that Renovia Inc. customers would now benefit from new treatment options once the company combines its proprietary and innovative form factors and sensor technologies with a digital platform. The digital platform would eventually lower healthcare costs in the long term since it would drive in-depth knowledge and understanding of pelvic floor disorders.


Marc Beer has been working with the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical and biotechnology diagnostics and devices for more than two decades. He is the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Renovia Inc.


Before co-founding Renovia Inc., he worked with companies such as ViaCell and Genzyme. At ViaCell Marc Beer was the company’s Founding CEO. Under his leadership for seven years, the firm expanded to more than 300 employees before going public. PerkinElmer eventually purchased the company. ViaCell is a biotechnology company dealing in the processing and storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells to enable the application of human cells as medicine.


At Genzyme, Marc Beer was the Vice President of Global Marketing. He was in charge of commercially launching products aimed at addressing rare disease populations across the world. Marc Beer also worked in sales and marketing while at Abbott Laboratories in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions.


Other roles Marc Beer has held in the past include serving on the boards of various companies. At Erytech Pharma, he served as a member of the board of directors while at Good Start genetics he served as the Founding Chairman of the board of directors. He was also the chairman of the compensation committee at Good Start.


Marc Beer is currently serving as the Founding Chairman of the board of directors at Minerva Neurosciences Inc. He is also serving in the company’s audit and compensation committees as a member and chairman respectively. Marc Beer also serves on several boards of different universities. Learn more:


Neurocore is a great research group that is challenging people to think about mental disorders in a different way. The group started with doctors that believed there had to be a better option to treat mental disorders than to just give drugs to the patients. So the doctors formed the Neurocore research group which first started trying to prove that there were measurable differences in brain waves for those that had no mental disorders and those that did have mental disorders. After doing scans on hundreds of patients they were able to prove that theory without a doubt but they also saw the those with different disorders had different function as well. This led to them to the conclusion that whatever treatment they developed it would have to be something that could be personalized for every patient in order for it to work the best. Read more about Neurocore at

With researching on what could be done the doctors came across brain training which ended up being their break through. They started to treat those test patients that had willingly signed up for the experiment that they were doing. After years and treating many more patients after they were comfortable enough to formally publish their findings which was that with the personalized brain training a person can actually train their brain to function normally. This would allow the patient to live a normal life without having to be on drugs all the time.


So the company now has centers growing all over the country that is able to treat people with all types of mental disorders. Those that come to the center get a one on one experience and start with having brain scans. If the person is currently on medication the center will do a scan with and without their medication in the system of the patient. This allows them to get a true picture of what they are working with without the medication and show the patient what their function is even with the medication. So the center then develops a plan that is just for them and start teaching them the brain training exercises. On a daily basis this must be carried out by the patient so they must be dedicated to their treatment which is something that they are told up front. After being monitored for up to months by the center and seeing improvement in the patient they may decide that they can continue on their own. Thus at the end of the treatment they get to see how far their brain function has come while still being able to continue the training at home if they wish. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Carsten Thiel-Chief Executive Officer Abeona Therapeutics

Carsten Thiel is among the experts and technical commentators who believe we are entering Golden Age of Biotechnology. He has a Ph.D. and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company for clinical stages that mainly develops both gene and cell therapies for unusual and dangerous genetic diseases and also a major constituent of the golden age of biotechnology of which Carsten Thiel is very much part of.

In this era, people are seeing the invention of technologies that were past strictly the domain of science fiction. Biotechnology will also experience massive growth in the course of the next few years just as aerospace engineering and computing underwent through immense growth in less than two periods between 1950-1960.Biotechnology is currently at the pace of fresh inventions in the discipline that speeds up significantly. It is important because it addresses the most elementary and important needs of human race. DNA and human genome are as a result of biotechnology, for example back in the ’95 a process that costs currently measly $10,000 costed over $2.6 billion to sequence human genome. It has led to detonation of new medicines and treatments. The price fall occurred at the same time as advances in computers, statistical processing and digital information storage. It is far much easier invent newer, more efficient medicines to closely examine human genetic material.

The company has acquired four worldwide exclusive permits to the NAV AAV9 Vector. With it clinical and preclinical treatments. With it they are a step closer to bringing transformative therapies to the communities in need of them. The company is committed to execution of their corporate strategy to become elite in the treatment of genetic diseases since there are no adequate therapies. In the preparation for the next phase of Abeona’s growth, Dr. Joao Siffert joined the company as the new chief of Medical Officer and Head of Research and Development.

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James Dondero’s Appointed Company President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nex Point Residential Trust

James Dondero was appointed as Company President and also appointed as a Chairman of the Board of Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc. Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc is also known by its abbreviation on the stock market as (NXRT). James Dondero made Chairman of the Board of Nex Point because of his success in his financial career. James Dondero is also a Co-Founder of Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc Read more about James Dondero at

James Dondero and many other financially influential people created a conglomerate of financial corporations. Beginning with Highland Capital Management and Nex Point Real Estate Advisors. Then venturing into other affiliated companies.

Mr. Dondero is the Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and/or he is on the Board of Directors for the following affiliated companies: Such as Nex Point Advisors, Nex Bank and the newest addition to the affiliated conglomerate is called Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc.

Each one of these companies has a specific purpose in the financial market. Let us start with Highland Capital Management- Highland is a financial advisory company. Therefore, any area that that pertains to financial investing advice, business investment, bond investment, private investing as well as financial loans, and helping out distressed companies and governments.


Next, we will look at Nex Bank- Nex Bank deals with everything pertaining to financial banking needs. Some examples are investment banking, financial banking and collateral loans for investing. Nex Bank is similar to regular banks except for it handles both private investment as well as public banking needs.

Following Nex Bank is the creation of Nex Point Real Estate Advisors- This company gives good sound advice to its clients in real estate investing, purchasing profitable properties and business properties. Furthermore, Nex Point Real Estate Advisors also gives advice on liquidation of multiple properties for greater benefits to its client.

Finally, the newest company James Dondero helped to create is called Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc. Nex Point Residential Trust, Inc focuses mainly on the growing real estate market. Nex Point also deals with real estate like purchasing properties alone or investing with others. Nex Point Residential also pertains to areas like building or selling refurbished properties for a greater value than when the properties were purchased. Another reason why Nex Point Residential Trust was created is because James Dondero has always been interested in the Area of real estate investing. Visit to know more about him.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Life Lessons

Dr. Saad Saad has been an extremely successful pediatric surgeon for decades and provided countless surgeries during that time. Throughout his career, he learned a variety of life lessons that he’s happy to pass on. Now, after retiring after a 47-year long career, he’s finally ready to pass on those lessons.

These lessons help to enhance further the reputation that Dr. Saad Saad has as an innovative and dedicated pediatric surgeon. The first of these life lessons is to accept nothing less than what you want, and this is especially true when it comes to success.

This was a result of a variety of unfortunate circumstances that led to Dr. Saad Saad and his family being relocated to the West Bank from their native Palestine.

However, the family was eventually able to move to Kuwait as a result of his father being a sought after skilled petroleum mechanic. This led to Dr. Saad Saad learning this valuable lesson at an early age.

Because of this, he knew that education would be vital to success; as someone who could develop a high level of knowledge, he could be anybody he wanted to be.

The second significant life lesson that Dr. Saad Saad learned was not to procrastinate. In the doctor’s words, this is especially true when it comes to not leaving tasks off until tomorrow if you can do them today.

This is what has kept the doctor at his most productive and has been essential to his career as a physician. By doing so, you can then set tasks for yourself to accomplish and be able to do so steadily and progressively. The doctor gave the example of when he decided to become a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon after moving to the United States.

By using his philosophy, Dr. Saad Saad became the first board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States to be fluent in both Arabic and English. This ended up putting the doctor in quite a unique position; he now holds a position as the chief pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family.

On top of this, he performs many complex surgeries on children in Saudi Arabia who need it as a way of helping improve their lives. These two life lessons have driven Dr. Saad Saad to become one of the most successful pediatric surgeons in the United States.

In terms of any advice he would give to his younger self, it would be that nothing is impossible if you’re persistent enough. With that frame of mind, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to push the limits of what he believed he could do with his career. As a result, he’s become one of the most respected pediatric surgeons in the world.

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The Continued Hard Work Of Dick DeVos Has Paid Off For The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is an American businessman, pilot, and philanthropist who has been working for many years to make life better for people in Michigan and the United States. Before the Gerald R. Ford International Airport became the thriving airport that it is today, he made a deal to bring in AirTran. He convinced the airline company to offer nonstop flights out of Grand Rapids by calling its CEO on the phone. Months later, AirTran was bought out by Southwest, and he got right to work convincing the airline to continue service in Grand Rapids.


Being the savvy businessman that he is, Dick DeVos put forward the idea that Southwest should not just stay at the Gerald R. Ford International but that it should increase its offerings. After this, the airline began to add more flights at the airport, and the airport continued to be a success to this day. What many people don’t know about the deal that DeVos made is the fact that he agreed to take part in convincing Southwest only if he could do it his way. He didn’t want it being widely reported because he needed time to make a deal in private with the airline, and this worked out greatly.


Dick DeVos has been a large part of many other deals that have helped to improve the city of Grand Rapids. In the early 1990s, he helped put a stop to a plan that could have been disastrous for the city. At that time, there was talk of building a multi-use sports and convention center near the city’s downtown region. He got right on the phone and began to build a lobbying effort. His efforts helped to build Grand Action, which is a group of business leaders that have been very influential with the success of the city.


Dick DeVos knew that the idea for the convention center and arena was a bad one because his experience told him so. During the 1970s, he witnessed the financial distress that the building of the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had created for Detroit. The problem wasn’t the arena itself but had to do with the fact that the Detroit Lions and Pistons later left the city. Thanks to Dick DeVos, the city of Grand Rapids didn’t have to learn the same lesson as Detroit had. Today, Grand Rapids has, both, an arena and separate convention center and is thriving thanks to the hard work of Mr. DeVos.


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Fortress Investment Group’s Future Looks Bright

2018 was a huge year that brought some big changes and developments at Fortress Investment Group and 2019 looks like it’s shaping up to be a big year as well. The company has been known to make headlines over the last 20 years after being the first company to go public in their field. While they may have been the first for that achievement, they achieved another first by becoming a private company once again after being purchased by SoftBank in 2018.

SoftBank gave Fortress Investment Group this opportunity by purchasing them for the impressive sum of $3.3 billion but still allowing them to operate largely independently. This purchase and privatization will allow the company to continue making big investments in real private equity alongside real estate. While the company may have begun as a hedge fund, they managed to expand into a global company with many investment and financial vehicles. They first became public back in 2007 after creating an IPO on the NYSE.

The real estate ventures of Fortress Investment Group are being integrated into some of the other projects from SoftBank. The vision fund from SoftBank already has invested in startups that are related to real estate such as Compass, OpenDoor, and Katerra. With the extensive experience that Fortress Investment Group already has in real estate, they are expected to be a valuable asset for SoftBank’s plans to expand their company into several different markets. One of the most notable projects includes a development in Times Square that is expected to include an innovative retail space, entertainment, and hotel. Companies such as YouTuve, Samsung, Facebook, and Amazon have already expressed an interest in the project.

2018 included innovative developments in areas other than real estate as well. Private credit is becoming a big market as banks are providing fewer funds for private and public companies. They are creating private lending pools to be able to provide these companies with funding to help them grow or address issues in distressed companies. There are reports that state that Fortress Investment Group may be raising around $2 billion for their direct funding efforts.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Successful Endeavors and Educational Finance

Ashley Lightspeed studied and created a business method for her successful career. Ashley Lightspeed made extensive and important efforts in college in order to facilitate her position at Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed consistently serves customers in her role. College courses can require intricate study times that are difficult for students to understand. Many university students have to find creative ways to study. There are many methods commonly used for the purpose of studying. One of the most common techniques is the “speak out loud technique.

This technique requires students to verbally recite what they read. Verbally reciting written text can create a better understanding of the knowledge. If one verbally recites a paragraph, they are more likely to become familiar with the text. Reciting text is usually done in increments. For example, a student may verbally recite three paragraphs and then take a break. Taking a break allows the student to absorb what they read. If a student is not given a break, they may not be able to comprehend the same level of knowledge. See more of Ashley at

The next technique used for studying is known as “note taking.” Taking a note allows the student to write each letter in accordance with the study guide. Writing trains the brain to learn what is right and what is wrong. By training the brain through written guides, students can learn quickly and easily. The last technique used for studying is known as “reading comprehension.” After a student reads an important piece of information, they are tested on it. For example, a teacher may require students to read a passage. After the passage has been read, students are tested on the material. If the students pass the test, they are able to advance. Once the student is allowed to pass the course, they begin a new semester.

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