Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming film that has already gained a lot of media attention before its premiere that is set for 13th February. The film features Rebel Wilson as the lead actress, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra. The film is a romantic comedy that focuses on the life of Natalie who is an architect. She is from Australia and lives in New York.

Natalie is passionate about her work and is continuously working to improve her work and gain the approval of her bosses. She encounters a mugger on her way from work who she tries to scare away. She gets knocked out on the alley floor and wakes up to find herself in an opposite world.

This new world is fantasy filled and to escape Natalie has to find love. Isn’t It Romantic follow the journey of Natalie as she sets out to find the right man for herself in the midst of adjusting to the new world.

The movie is set to be a success with its amazing cast and storyline. Warner Bros. Pictures will release the movie in the United States while Netflix will premier it worldwide. Many have marked the date of the release on their calendars waiting to watch the one of a kind film. Seeing the now successful Rebel Wilson, one cannot associate her with the once shy young version of herself. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She was close to her mother and siblings growing up and was always the quiet one. Her humble beginnings did not prevent her from flourishing in the film industry. Penetrating the American industry is not easy especially for an Australian actress like Rebel, but she has managed to achieve this feat.

Rebel went to Tara Anglican School of Girls and graduated in 1997. It was while in her school that she first tried stage acting after being pushed by her drama teacher to do so. She was not entirely interested in actin as she thought that she would pursue a career in mathematics.

After high school, she became an International Youth Ambassador for Australia’s Rotary Program. She worked with the organization for a year and traveled to South Africa at some point. She contracted malaria while there and saw herself winning an Oscar as an actress during a hallucination.

Her thirst for acting began there, and she set out to turn her dream into reality. She has the education to back up her career as she attended the Australian Theater for Young People and also the University of New South Wales.

Rebel has tons of experience when it comes to acting as she started at a very young age. She is now an icon in the eyes of many of her fans with the skills to back her up.

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