Genucel, a Subset of Chamonix, Raises Money in Support of Women Aware

Family violence has taken a toll in the US with many families experiencing physical and emotional abuse in their homes. This physical and emotional abuse takes a toll on the victims, and one of the most common consequences is lowered self-esteem. According to medicaldailytimes,

the low self-esteem can cause an individual to inflict self-harm which may not necessarily be physical. Health care professionals recommend individuals that have experienced abuse to take care of themselves through self-care tips. These self-care tips are meant to increase the self-esteem of an individual and make them more confident. Some of the self-care tips include adopting a new hobby such as dance and art and self-affirmations. Self-affirmations are where a person tells themselves that they are loved and they are worthy.


Finding a new hobby to express oneself can also be a way to get over the abuse that one experienced. It is a form of pain expression that allows one to get rid of the negative feelings and remain positive. Physical and emotional abuse can also take a toll on one’s skin and beauty. It can fasten aging and cause dark spots and wrinkles on the face that make an individual appear older than they are. Genucel, which is a branch of Chamonix, contributed to Women Aware campaign to help women that have experienced abuse get their beauty back. Genucel supplied beauty bags to Women Aware to give to the many women and families that it was housing that have experienced abuse. These beauty bags contain beauty and makeup products that are meant to reduce aging and make the skin smooth and tight again.

Genucel believes that the first step to regaining one’s confidence is by feeling beautiful on the outside. Genucel hopes that the beauty bags will help the millions of women whose skin has been damaged by abuse and that want something that can make them feel whole again. Women Aware is an organization that assists families in New Jersey that are facing abuse. Women Aware organized a run that was in support and Genucel was one of the companies that participated in the run. Genucel donated the beauty bags that will help millions of women maintain a youthful skin that does not have fine lines. This they hope will boost the confidence of these women and improve their self-esteem greatly. The technology that Genucel uses in their products is natural and safe.



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