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Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming film that has already gained a lot of media attention before its premiere that is set for 13th February. The film features Rebel Wilson as the lead actress, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra. The film is a romantic comedy that focuses on the life of Natalie who is an architect. She is from Australia and lives in New York.

Natalie is passionate about her work and is continuously working to improve her work and gain the approval of her bosses. She encounters a mugger on her way from work who she tries to scare away. She gets knocked out on the alley floor and wakes up to find herself in an opposite world.

This new world is fantasy filled and to escape Natalie has to find love. Isn’t It Romantic follow the journey of Natalie as she sets out to find the right man for herself in the midst of adjusting to the new world.

The movie is set to be a success with its amazing cast and storyline. Warner Bros. Pictures will release the movie in the United States while Netflix will premier it worldwide. Many have marked the date of the release on their calendars waiting to watch the one of a kind film. Seeing the now successful Rebel Wilson, one cannot associate her with the once shy young version of herself. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She was close to her mother and siblings growing up and was always the quiet one. Her humble beginnings did not prevent her from flourishing in the film industry. Penetrating the American industry is not easy especially for an Australian actress like Rebel, but she has managed to achieve this feat.

Rebel went to Tara Anglican School of Girls and graduated in 1997. It was while in her school that she first tried stage acting after being pushed by her drama teacher to do so. She was not entirely interested in actin as she thought that she would pursue a career in mathematics.

After high school, she became an International Youth Ambassador for Australia’s Rotary Program. She worked with the organization for a year and traveled to South Africa at some point. She contracted malaria while there and saw herself winning an Oscar as an actress during a hallucination.

Her thirst for acting began there, and she set out to turn her dream into reality. She has the education to back up her career as she attended the Australian Theater for Young People and also the University of New South Wales.

Rebel has tons of experience when it comes to acting as she started at a very young age. She is now an icon in the eyes of many of her fans with the skills to back her up.

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Talkspace: Michael Phelps Talks About How He Fights Depression

When it comes to mental health, there are still a lot of us who don’t know how to cope up. Although access to mental therapy and other medications are now more accessible than ever, it being a societal taboo is still in existence. Even famous personalities are not exempted in feeling pressured and depressed. Michael Phelps, one of the most popular athletes around the world, admits that even him suffers from depression and anxiety. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

As a professional athlete, Michael Phelps revealed that he is also coping with the downs of his career. The pressure and depression are stronger when dealing with a recent defeat. Phelps revealed how an app saved his life. Using Talkspace Reviews, he was able to reach the help that he needed with professional and licensed therapists. The app provides counseling via therapists online. Phelps also revealed how the app is so convenient because it can be accessed everywhere he goes and any time he needs and can be accessed in different mediums such as video, text or by other means. In addition, Phelps also joined the Board of Advisors which are creating and implementing mental strategies to help its members.

Talkspace is not only convenient for its members, but also for its therapists. One of its professional therapists, Melissa Moreno, reported that she wakes up at 5:45 AM and sleeps at 10:00 PM. When she wakes up, she will commence in her usual mindfulness, gratitude, and breathing exercises before attending to her clients. After the first morning routine, she will then attend to his son’s need for school and gets ready for her another work.

Moreno is also a Facility Director at a non-secure program for adolescent boys, which she implements Sanctuary and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. After her work at the facility, she will attend her clients in Talkspace for her night session. In addition, she can still catch up to her favorite TV shows or books. Technology made this schedule possible and more convenient for both parties. Learn more:

Sunday Riley and the Limited Edition Captain Marvel Good Genes

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sunday Riley Good Genes just got a little better. From now, until further notice, the Good Genese bottle will be changing. Sunday Riley has teamed up with Marvel and created the limited edition Good Genes bottle in honor of the new Marvel Film.

If you have concerns more than the bottle will be changing, you should fear not. The ingredients, including the licorice and lemongrass, will remain the same. The limited edition Captain Marvel Good Genes will be available beginning March 8. The Sunday Riley team are offering Captain Marvel Good Genes in 2 sizes.

Fans of Sunday Riley Good Genes can pick up either a 30mL or 50 mL bottle. You can get the 30 mL bottle for $105 and the 50mL for $158. As of right now, the only supplier of Sunday Riley who will be carrying the limited edition Captain Marvel Good Genes is the Sephora chain of stores.

Sunday Riley skincare products have been available for some time now. The company specializes in cosmetic formulations that help users, not to age. They are a company who was founded on the basis their Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sunday Riley, could not find any skincare products on the market that could help her keep her youthful appearance.

Sunday Riley is not only the CEO of Sunday Riley skin care products, but she is also the creator of the products. What do we mean by this? She creates formulas that consist of all the products in the skincare lineup. These products are scrapped if ever the creator becomes unimpressed by how they perform.

Most of what Riley learned about being a skincare chemist, she learned on the job. Sunday is always learning something new for her company to thrive and stay out ahead of other skincare companies. Sunday Riley is not afraid to cut a product if she feels there is something better that can be done.

“Marc Beer contributions to women’s health “

Marc beer is the co-founder and CEO of Renovia. He formerly worked as the chief executive officer of the pharmaceuticals known as Algerion; it was a company that dedicated its existence to the developments and commercialization of innovative therapies for patients who are suffering from rare diseases. As the chairman of the organization who has a lot of experience in developing and marketing the enterprises in pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. He has put his effort in bringing up products that will be able to cure urinary incontinence which is a pelvic disorder that has affected over 250 million women all over the world.

Renovia is MedTech company based in Boston that has majored in developing therapeutic products and diagnostic products. The chairman of the organization is working to ensure that the treatment of the patients is technologized. Marc beer collaborated with Ramon Iglesias who is now the managing director of Renovia and Yolanda Lorie back in the year 2016 to form Renovia.

Renovia’s first product to be approved by the food a drug administration was Leva in April 2018. In the course of its life, Renovia received funding which included participation by the Longwood fund wh9ich is an investing organization that lays its focus on health care issues. From all the resources that were infused in the business development and testing of products by Renovia and Beer is aiming for the company to produce a new version of Leva.

Marc beer appreciated the support he got from health care investors. They gave a big helping hand in helping discover the treatment for pelvic floor disorder. People were beginning to understand the cause of pelvic floor disorder will reduce long term health care costs. The organization aims at restoring the health of the pelvic floor. They are putting effort to ensure that the treatment will strengthen the pelvic muscles.

In Renovia they retain records for all their patients to know how to go about treating their patients. The primary vision of the company is to make it possible for their patients to have full control of their body and most importantly the pelvic floor.

Marc beer ended up deciding to form the company due to a lot of interest in the pharmaceutical industry. He realized that there was a need for a company that could take care of this problem that was disturbing most of our women. Marc beer has used his skills and knowledge to the company that is ruling over matters of the health care sector. He has involved himself with a lot of companies to handle the problem of infertility. Marc is in the auditing committee of Minerva neurosciences, and he is also the chair of the committee in charge of compensations. Learn more:


Genucel, a Subset of Chamonix, Raises Money in Support of Women Aware

Family violence has taken a toll in the US with many families experiencing physical and emotional abuse in their homes. This physical and emotional abuse takes a toll on the victims, and one of the most common consequences is lowered self-esteem. According to medicaldailytimes,

the low self-esteem can cause an individual to inflict self-harm which may not necessarily be physical. Health care professionals recommend individuals that have experienced abuse to take care of themselves through self-care tips. These self-care tips are meant to increase the self-esteem of an individual and make them more confident. Some of the self-care tips include adopting a new hobby such as dance and art and self-affirmations. Self-affirmations are where a person tells themselves that they are loved and they are worthy.


Finding a new hobby to express oneself can also be a way to get over the abuse that one experienced. It is a form of pain expression that allows one to get rid of the negative feelings and remain positive. Physical and emotional abuse can also take a toll on one’s skin and beauty. It can fasten aging and cause dark spots and wrinkles on the face that make an individual appear older than they are. Genucel, which is a branch of Chamonix, contributed to Women Aware campaign to help women that have experienced abuse get their beauty back. Genucel supplied beauty bags to Women Aware to give to the many women and families that it was housing that have experienced abuse. These beauty bags contain beauty and makeup products that are meant to reduce aging and make the skin smooth and tight again.

Genucel believes that the first step to regaining one’s confidence is by feeling beautiful on the outside. Genucel hopes that the beauty bags will help the millions of women whose skin has been damaged by abuse and that want something that can make them feel whole again. Women Aware is an organization that assists families in New Jersey that are facing abuse. Women Aware organized a run that was in support and Genucel was one of the companies that participated in the run. Genucel donated the beauty bags that will help millions of women maintain a youthful skin that does not have fine lines. This they hope will boost the confidence of these women and improve their self-esteem greatly. The technology that Genucel uses in their products is natural and safe.