A better tomorrow for individuals and families alike

Sussex Healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan – Tyler as Chief Executive Officer, said to be a “driven leader”, Amanda Morgan – Tyler set out to enhance both residence lives and continually boost staff morale. It is a well-known fact that when dealing with either the elderly or mentally handicapped individuals, staff morale and evolving care plans are the Baselines to the quality of care that Sussex Healthcare has provided since 1985. With over 20 facilities in operation, both SHC and their new CEO, Amanda Morgan – Tyler have made a commitment to their very diverse group of residence to provide individualized care plans and new innovative ways to implement and execute these plans.

Sussex Healthcare believes that good health is more than the absence of illness and this is true. How many times do you hear that an elderly man or woman has passed away or just all of a sudden become extremely sick due to their spouse or caregiver passing away? The connections that we make and also the bonds that we build are the Stepping Stones to progression. Without progression, core values become stagnant. Sussex Healthcare refuses to become stagnant, providing ever-changing programs and activities that stimulate, motivate and keep the interest of their diverse group of residents. SHC operates homes in several sectors of the healthcare world. These homes include those specifically designated to individuals with dementia, PMLD, and neurological disorders.

All in all SHC decided to obtain and pursue quality experience in their new chief executive officer, Amanda Morgan – Tyler. With having over three decades of experience Sussex Healthcare have obtained exactly what they have been looking for. When you take experience and mix it with compassion you get, quality living standards. SHC has made a commitment to excellence and will not settle for anything less, they have top-of-the-line facilities and these facilities are wonderful, however, without the quality staff and the excellent leadership a facility just provides hope, but with the combination of both of these, SHC provides a better tomorrow for the individuals and families counting on them.


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