Financial Services Firm Secures $53 Million in Debt Financing

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services firm based in Dallas, TX. The firm recently closed a private placement for $53 million in debt. Since 2016, the bank has secured $283 million in debt and equity.

This newest round of financing is for fixed and floating interest payments. The notes mature on September 30, 2027 and are non-callable for the first five years. For that period of time, the notes earn at the rate of 6.375%. After the first five years, the notes earn at a floating rate based on the spread of the then current three-month LIBOR of 458.5 basis points.

The notes are rated as BBB- (Stable) by Kroll Bond Rating Agency and are considered Tier 2 capital under applicable capital regulations.

NexBank is involved in three primary areas of financial services: commercial banking, mortgage services and institutional services.

Commercial Banking – NexBank serves as the banking institution for corporate clients. Just as retail banks hold deposits for consumers, NexBank and others in the commercial banking realm hold the deposits of corporate entities. This is simply a deposit side of the business where the firm will have checking and savings accounts for various corporations and other business entities. NexBank also offers banking services to individuals who need checking, savings, online accounts and certificates of deposit at competitive rates.

Mortgage Banking – Additionally, NexBank provides funds to mortgage professionals (particularly mortgage brokers). NexBank is an institutional partner, so they do not originate loans. The firm can offer conforming, government backed and jumbo loans (and other MSR products). The company is also approved to sell and/or service Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae loans.

Institutional Services – NexBank provides institutional services including investment banking, public funds, treasury services, and real estate advisory services.

Overall, NexBank is a very diversified financial services firm. They can help institutions and individuals. They provide funds for mortgage bankers and brokers. Finally, they assist governmental entities, corporate clients and others with all types of financial services. This newest round of $53 million will go a long way towards helping and servicing new and existing clients.

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