Desiree Perez Leads Roc Nation Into A New Era

The Roc Nation record label and multi media brand have recently entered the last final days of its association with the concert promoter Live Nation that saw the entire recording industry change forever. Live Nation paid Roc Nation a reported $150 million to gain a stake in the recording portion of the company for ten years beginning in 2008; the deal has proven a success for both sides of the agreement, but Live Nation is said to be considering exercising its right to leave the agreement in 2018.   More to read on

Over the coming months, an announcement should be made with insiders for Live Nation already revealing the company has decided instead to focus on a partnership with Roc Nation in terms of its live touring division. Universal Music Group mogul Sir Lucian Grainge recently hosted a meeting between himself and Roc Nation’s Jay-Z and business executive Desiree Perez. The meeting has not been confirmed as being the opening discussion in an attempt to woo Universal Music Group as the replacement partner to take the place of Live Nation for the recording arm of the Jay-Z founded label; UMG insiders stated the company already has a partnership with Roc Nation to distribute music and may be interested in expanding upon this agreement.  Check for additional article

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Desiree Perez, often known by the nickname Des, is one of the most powerful women in the U.S. music industry with a strong reputation as a tough negotiator. For updates of Dez, hop over to  Perez has been heading the SC Enterprises company for more than 20 years and is part of the management collective at Roc Nation that oversees every aspect of the work completed by the label and media company. Through her work negotiating the product partnership between Rihanna and Samsung, the profile of Desiree Perez has grown to make her a recognizable figure for the majority of music industry insiders.  For Dez recent timeline activities, hit

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