Why Securus Technologies is Helping Prevent Crimes

When our city was in the middle of its most violent year ever, we knew that me and my fellow officers had to step up our efforts and put a stop to what was behind the rise in activity. What we discovered was one person was going on a crime spree without any concern for the safety of our citizens. Not only was he breaking into stores and stealing cars, he had moved up his efforts to breaking into homes.


Without any regard for the people who were in the houses being robbed, we needed to find anyone with information about the location of our suspect. It was clear he was going from safe house to safe house, but we were always one step behind the intelligence we were getting. It appeared he also had a network of friends feeding the police misinformation so that we were always in reaction mode and never in front of the trouble.


On a trip to the local prison, one officer informed us Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in the jail that was helping them to tighten up security throughout the facility. Once we discovered the LBS software could listen to the inmates unique conversations and spot certain verbiage, we knew we had the tool that would break this case wide open. It didn’t take long for the alerts to come it about inmates speaking directly about our suspect.


Even though these inmates are very crafty about what they are saying, what the system was doing was allowing us to connect the dots as far as his network of family and friends. We were able to locate a whole crew of closer friends he was using each night before the crimes, and waited until he arrived back to one of those locations right after a crime was committed and arrested him.

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