Helping Businesses Achieve Success by Managing the Bottom Line: Brian Bonar

An important component to any sustainable business success is the people who drive the business forward. The business bottom line is its financial base. Without the necessary incentives however businesses that would have been successful aren’t as successful as they could be. Brian Bonar’s experience with all aspects of business operations makes him a leader in making the necessary connections between technology and human resources.

Managing the Small Things

In business there are many components that you need to think about and connect in order to succeed. Brian Bonar understands that you do need to manage the small things in order to be able to tackle the big things. You are only going to succeed in life if you remember that details are important. Bonar’s success in site and building design implementation is due in part to his meticulous attention to details.

As the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation Bonar uses a detailed and accurate design approach to help businesses reach their goals.

Making the Connections between People and Technology

Bonar’s background in Mechanical Engineering and his experiences with IBM and QMS gave him a solid understanding of how technology works. It also gave him insights into how people interact with technology.

His expertise in Sales and Marketing drove him to seek the connections between people and technology. It was during the time that he decided to strike out on his own in September 1994 with the founding of Bezier Systems that the interest in helping businesses succeed grew.

He understood that people utilized the printer technology more efficiently when they could see the benefits of it. For Bonar it did seem that the better people understood how to use the technology to their advantage the more the business succeeded.

Reaching Goals and Looking at the Whole Picture

Education is a key component for anyone to reach their desired goals. Bonar’s wide range of experience in the educational, retail commercial and construction industries has helped both small and large companies reach their financial goals.

Bonar believes that you should look at the whole picture first and then break the project up into achievable goals. It is important to client relationships that everyone has a clear understanding of what goals need to be met to achieve success. By looking at the whole picture first clients then can have a better grasp of what it will take to achieve desired outcomes.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It is Dalrada Financial Corporation’s variety of unique employee programs that help businesses succeed. It is the fact that Brian Bonar understands that one size doesn’t fit all that businesses can manage their bottom line.

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