A Look At Dating App, Bumble

Bumble, is a new online dating application that is geared towards women. The way Bumble works is that women are the only ones who can initiate a conversation. This means that a man cannot start a conversation with a woman on the platform. He must wait until a woman starts a conversation with him.

In order for a woman to be able to start a conversation, both she and the man must have swiped each other. What swipe means is that both the man and the woman must have shown interest in one another. A woman can only message a man that she is interested in and that is interested back in her. If the man is not interested in her, then she will not be able to send him a message. The same applies to the man. If a man is interested in a woman, but she is not interested in him, then she will not start conversations with him and he must look for another woman on the app.

The person who created Bumble, is Whitney Wolfe. Mrs. Wolfe said she got the idea for Bumble after seeing the need for an online dating application that is centered on woman and that solves some of the issues affecting them on existing dating applications. Bumble attempts to address issues such as women being flooded with spam and inappropriate messages from men on dating applications. By only allowing women to begin a message, Bumble effectively solves this issue and lets women control who they receive messages from.

The founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, was one of the co-founders of the popular dating applications known as Tinder. She also worked in the marketing department of Tinder as a vice president for a time. After leaving Tinder, Whitney Wolfe wanted to create her very own dating app. Being shy and afraid to initiate the first conversation with a man in real life, Whitney said that this awkwardness in dating and approaching the opposite sex also led her to creating the app now known as Bumble. As stated previously, it lets women be the initiators in conversations and a possible relationship. It also takes away the awkwardness of starting a conversation by letting two people like each other before they began talking.

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