Crime Rate in Venezuela on Sharp Rise

As the economic crisis gets worse, crime rate in Venezuela is rising quickly. This South American nation has already been known for high crime rates even during times of economic prosperity. Now, as there are food and medicine shortages as well as power blackouts, crime has been rising.
According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, in 2014, even before the crisis kicked in strongly, there were nearly 25,000 murders, or 82 per 100,000 inhabitants. This group claimed these rates are similar to those of countries at war. And it is getting worse.

As El Nacional just reported, last Saturday eleven people were killed in the western state of Trujillo. Among the victims were three teenagers and a citizen of Colombia.

Expert David Osio says the government seems to be incapable of handling the worsening economic crisis and the rising crime wave. There are already calls for President Maduro’s removal. In response, he has declared a state of emergency.



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