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Crime Rate in Venezuela on Sharp Rise

As the economic crisis gets worse, crime rate in Venezuela is rising quickly. This South American nation has already been known for high crime rates even during times of economic prosperity. Now, as there are food and medicine shortages as well as power blackouts, crime has been rising.
According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, in 2014, even before the crisis kicked in strongly, there were nearly 25,000 murders, or 82 per 100,000 inhabitants. This group claimed these rates are similar to those of countries at war. And it is getting worse.

As El Nacional just reported, last Saturday eleven people were killed in the western state of Trujillo. Among the victims were three teenagers and a citizen of Colombia.

Expert David Osio says the government seems to be incapable of handling the worsening economic crisis and the rising crime wave. There are already calls for President Maduro’s removal. In response, he has declared a state of emergency.



Beauty Blogger Gives Wen By Chaz A Try

I love seeing women with beautiful hair. It excites me and it is also a great conversation starter for me. If I see someone with beautiful hair the first thing I say to them is that I love their hair. There is nothing like beautiful hair to boost your confidence like never before. It’s almost as if it’s a rite of passage. You feel as if you have finally arrived in beauty if someone compliments your hair. I live for those moments. Call me crazy but I do. If someone compliments my hair then I know I’ve done something right in my regimen.
A Guthy-Renker beauty blogger recently documented her own hair care journey. She became tired of having less than perfect hair and decided to give something else a try. She was introduced to WEN hair By Chaz a 3 in 1 hair care treatment system and the moment she gave it a try we all watched through pictures as her hair transformed as she engaged in each daily regimen. The one set back is she didn’t use the sephora endorsed product 100% the way it was designed; however, it still worked perfectly and at the end of the challenge her hair was amazing. Try WEN hair now!

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Soros Recounts Top Investment Ever

George Soros is well regarded in the finance industry as being one of the most savvy investors in the world. George Soros has managed the Soros Funds for over 50 years, which has helped individual and institutional investors earn billions of dollars in value appreciation. While his investors have turned rich, so has George Soros as the head of the funds. He is estimated to have a net worth of over $25 billion, which makes him one of the richest people in the world.

While George Soros has executed many successful trades over the course of his career, one trade in particular may have allowed him to grow to such a significant level in the hedge fund industry. During the early 1990s Great Britain was struggling with significant levels of inflation and currency devaluing compared to the rest of the world. While the country was fighting very hard to keep the pound valuable compared to the rest of the world, many of the most savvy investors on across the world saw this as a great investment opportunity.

By September 1992 the Soros Quantum Fund had invested heavily against the Britain currency. The fund had over $15 billion in assets bet against the pound’s value when compared to other currencies across the globe. While a portion of this was from raised equity on, they also borrowed heavily on margin to maximize this. Finally, on September 17, 1992 Great Britain ended up reducing the value of the pound by 25% compared to the US Dollar.

This one trade alone had a significant increase in value for the Soros Quantum Fund. The value of the fund ended up increasing from $15 billion to $19 billion overnight and it allowed the fund to invest in more and more asset types, which allowed the fund to grow to over $22 billion in assets within the next year. While this was great for the fund, it was also great for George Soros and the other fund managers, whom were allowed to take 20% of the valuation increase in personal compensation, which essentially gave over $1.5 billion to Soros and the fund managers. Many in the finance world consider this to be the most profitable hedge fund investment ever. 

Jessica Boskoff Adds a Pop of Color and Personality to Every Event

In a world that has lost touch with originality for too long, it is essential to begin discovering what truly makes you happy and what sets you apart from the rest. While life is not a competition, it is always fun to differentiate from the norm and to stand out from all of the rest. Jessica Boskoff is a person that knows all about setting herself apart from others in a fun, professional way that brings her an immense amount of happiness. In an interview with the designer from Twenty Three Layers, the reader gained some insight as to what makes Boskoff unique, and the secrets behind her flawless event planning.

When asked what her favorite colors are, she exclaimed her love for pastels–specifically aqua, mint, and blush. Describing how she regularly incorporates these colors into her events by using decadent desserts, plush pillows, thrilling props, and decor, readers undoubtedly began to ponder their next celebration in which they would use Boskoff as an influence. Of course, Jessica described that maintaining the same approach is not only boring, but detrimental to a designer’s career. To combat this issue, the queen of pastel stated that she is always evolving as a designer and event planner.

“Being able to express myself through styling and design is just amazing,” stated Boskoff. Offering information as to how working in a creative space greatly assists in getting her keen eye for colors and prints going, Boskoff further validated just why she is deserving of her moment in the spotlight. Her love of symmetry and clean lines has undoubtedly caught the eye of perfectionists and the unique alike, and has generated her success.

In sum, doing what you love in life is essential, but doing what you love flawlessly and professionally is crucial in order to live a fulfilling and prosperous life. Jessica Boskoff’s attention to detail by adding colors and prints that are visually appealing, original, and soothing truly makes her heavily sought after for weddings, charitable events, and stylish parties. Her personality and inviting soul are just added bonuses!

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Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Taking Off With Niche Investors

When you think about the process that is investing in general, there are so many different fields and ideas that people can truly become lost. Investing isn’t necessarily the most difficult thing to perform in theory, but when you start to consider the operational and daily transaction specifics, it can be very confusing to execute. The key to investing isn’t just doing, it’s knowing why you are doing. That is exactly the reason why so many investors are flocking to boutique investment operations just like Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital.

Solo Capital was built upon the idea that not everyone is a technical trader. Not everyone who wants to invest money and have it grow over the long haul actually wants to see all of the charts, numbers, and graphs constantly clicking. The reason why so many people work with an investment adviser or a financial planner in general isn’t because they don’t understand investments or understand the value of investments. The reason people seek out financial advisers is simply because they want a professional to bounce ideas off of, give alternate strategies, and more or less communicate effectively with them. The exact key of working with an investment professional, therefore, is finding someone with the knowledge and capacity to discuss finances in terms that you understand.

Sanjay Shah has made wise decisions and has had many successful ventures simply because of the fact that he understands people and wants to help them. Much of the work that Sanjay Shah has done and has accomplished so far has not been rooted in the world of finance, but rather it may be financial information rooted in the world of people. The key to understanding investors is to understand what makes them think and that is where the basis of Sanjay Shah’s models have come from.

As the global economy continues to move forward there will be more even more volatility and investors will continue to behave in different (possibly irrational) ways. The key to understanding how to be successful is to understand how people think and how you can help them. This is what Sanjay Shah is doing now.

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Beneful: Why it’s So Popular

Beneful, a popular dog food brand, is one you can find in most grocery stores and big name stores like Wal-Mart and Target. But, what most don’t realize is that this is not your typical dog food! Featuring nutritious ingredients, antioxidants and loads of protein, all the Beneful formulas are beneficial to your dogs health.
Benefuls’ original formula : is one that is a customer favorite. You can choose one of three flavors- chicken, salmon or beef and veggie. They all contain real meat and vegetables- none of that fake, processed stuff. These crunchy and tender bites are universal- they have varieties for every sized dog!

Beneful also offers a Healthy Puppy formula, to ensure your puppy is getting everything he or she needs to grow strong and healthy. This blend contains DHA which promotes healthy brain support for your newfound companion. Sure to give your puppy the balance they need, this formula is perfect for puppies of any breed.

If your beloved pet is suffering from weight issues, whether it’s from poor diet or an underlying health condition, Beneful offers a Healthy Weight dog food. This product is designed to help your dog all the nutrients they need in a fulfilling meal that will help them shed the pounds. Beneful understands the needs of dogs battling their weight and this will have them get to a healthier weight in no time.

A newer Beneful option, Incredibites, was recently introduced to their line of dog food. This dog food was created for smaller breeds of dog and goes up to 15.5 pounds. Protein packed and, of course, made with real meat, this is perfect for supporting the health of small dogs.‘s extensive line of products has a lot to offer their customers. No matter what your dogs dietary needs may be, Beneful will have something that is beneficial to your favorite companion.

Only the Best Planners for Creating the Best Events

In a recent article, published on Houston Culture Map online, ( the well-known, over-the-top event planner, DeJuan Stroud is discussed. CultureMap discovered during their interview with Stroud, that, although he has lived and thrived in New York for several years; he still brings a flavorful southern charm to any occasion. Stroud has orchestrated events for big-time names like Donald Trump, Bon Jovi, and many more. During the article, Stroud discusses what it is like to work with such superstars of today’s society. He goes on to say how self-gratifying and motivating it is working with people of such success and stature in society. After all, these people only work with the best. This leads into the next topic of discussion, one of the most prominent event planning companies located right there near Stroud.

Located in fabulous New York City, Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design firm. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service firm. Even if you believe that you have created your perfect fantasy event, Twenty Three Layers is sure to exceed far beyond your greatest expectations. This company can plan and orchestrate a diverse array of events for you. Whether it be a business party for your personal cooperation, or a whimsical, romantic intimate ceremony; you can never go wrong when selecting Twenty Three layers to help you achieve your perfect event. This company prides itself in making sure to create unforgettable memories for your event, regardless of the occasion. Check out event planning companies, NYC.

One of the greatest attractions of Twenty Three Layers is that they take care of everything. This allows you to sit back, relax, and allow them to make the planning process an enjoyable experience for you. This is a major plus considering how stressful event planning can be for one person. Not only do they take care of everything, they deliver a finished product that is unmatched in quality and value across the board. They guarantee that you will never be disappointed with the outcome of your event. They can handle a large variety of events including: weddings, showers, birthdays, mitzvahs, anniversaries, and a multitude of other celebrations.