George Soros’ Approach To The Current Economic and Political Situation

There are some people that feel that the economy is currently headed in a very concerning direction. In fact, some experts think that the situation is just as bad as it was in 2008 prior to the crash. The famous and highly successful European investor, George Soros, feels that this is where the economy is currently headed. He has spread word of his dire predictions at a recent speech in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Many people have been quite startled to hear that such a well known investor feels that the economy could be headed in such a bad direction. This kind of dire warning from someone as credible as George Soros is something that needs to be taken seriously. He also has an interesting opinion about the current political situation. He is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he donated a significant amount of money to her campaign.
Although George Soros feels that the current economic situation is extremely dire, he does believe that there is hope. He feels that if the Chancellor of Germany acts quickly to avert the current migrant crisis in Europe, it could avert disaster. He feels that the crash would happen if the migrant crisis and other economic problems in Europe are not quickly solved. He believes that this could cause the collapse of the European Union. In turn, he believes that this would cause a downward spiral for the global economy. Luckily, he does feel that the German Chancellor may be able to stop this from happening. We can only hope that she is able to avert this crisis, because this crisis could potentially cause serious economic pain for numerous people all around the world.

George Soros also feels that Hillary Clinton would make a very competent president. He feels that she would do a good job of navigating the current economic and political situation. George Soros has a history of donating to liberal candidates in American politics and supporting American democrats. In fact, he even worked to get George Bush removed from office. He even donated a substantial sum of 20 million dollars to this cause. He also supported Barrack Obama with his campaign. Nowadays, George Soros wishes that he supported Hillary Clinton instead. With this current election cycle, he has been one of the larger donors to her campaign. The 8 million dollars that he has given to the Hillary Clinton campaign has the potential to make a real difference in the election.

George Soros has made some frightening predictions, and his warnings should be heeded. However, he does feel that there is hope for the economy. He also feels that Hillary Clinton offers promise for the current world situation. In showing of his support, he has donated a large sum of 8 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

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