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Wedding Tech in the Future

In the days past, planning a wedding was a very time consuming and tedious. In days of the future, planning a wedding will become effortless as the technology available to couples advances. An interesting article in the Huffington Post takes a look at wedding planning then and now.

In part of a three part series, author Matt Douglass discusses new websites, apps, and technology available to help with various aspects of wedding planning including wedding registries, attire, and websites.

Douglass begins by discussing how registering for weddings in the past included scanner technology that allowed couples to spend a day at their favorite stores, scan the items they desired, and upload them to a registry for that store. New technology allows consumers to create online registry’s from multiple stores all on one site, such as The Knot as well as allow guests to deposit money towards a fund for the couple using sites like Honeyfund. Douglass discusses the future of wedding registries by talking about a new company called Slyce.

Slyce allows it’s users to snap a picture of an item that they like and then it brings multiple listings for items of that type. It’s called a visual search. It uses an intuitive universal scanner to search for the users request.

The Slyce software uses different approaches to find what users want. You can snap a picture of the item in question and receive a list of related items. You can scan a QR code, coupon, or even a 2-D image a be provided with an exact match as to your request.

Douglas also discusses the traditional approach to wedding attire shopping in the past by comparing it to now. Before it was an all day/multiple day event to find the perfect one. Current trends see more and more brides and grooms renting or buying used wedding attire by accessing sites like Borrowing Magnolia. Douglass thinks more engaged couples will choose this route and that the textile industry will in such a way that will allow customized attire to be more easily attained.

The last part of Douglass’s article discusses wedding websites past, present, and future. In the past, the time it took to create and build a website was immense. Now couples can use sites such as TheKnot or Weddingwire to create a wedding focused site or build a quick site using websites such as Wix or SqaureSpace. The future will bring a shift from traditional weddings to digital weddings where everything from invites to RSVP’s are handled online through the wedding website.

Talk Fusion: Providing Opportunities For Various Groups

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. Reina had previously been a policeman and has joined various direct selling companies. Reina had significant success in the various companies and was able to achieve the top goals in each. When he stumbled across the idea of embedding videos into emails, Reina knew that it had potential. He partnered with a friend in the IT industry and explored how he could create something out of this. Reina decided to leave his position as a police officer and pursue Talk Fusion full time. By 2007, the companies software was being sold in more than 85 different countries. They are now the eighth biggest video communication provider in the world.

Bob Reina made the decision to make the company into a direct selling option. He knew how much he had gained from when other companies had allowed him and other individuals to create an additional income for themselves. He also realized how powerful word of mouth advertising was. Reina also saw it as an opportunity to help others to achieve success along with him instead of just him realizing the success. The company also expanded past just embedding videos into email. While it is still one of the main components and tools of the business, Talk Fusion has also created a video chat tool that is free for everyone. There are also some newer tools that users can pay to use. These include a community blog to share information, a video newsletter to disperse recent updates and live meetings to allow businesses to operate even if all of the employees are in different countries.

Reina had learned quite a bit from his years of experience being a direct seller. He remembered what frustrated him and what he appreciated. One thing he made sure to do was provide sellers with what they were owned very quickly. To solve this, Reina decided to create an instant pay system. When a direct seller makes a sale, within 3 minutes they are paid to a credit from Talk Fusion.

Hiring Wiki Writers

Building a Wikipedia page can be quite beneficial for your business. What most people don’t realize is that this industry is huge, and there are always tons of people on Wikipedia working together to create a professional presence for this online encyclopedia. In the world of marketing and in this industry, you will come to find that Wikipedia is an ever growing place that constantly tries to change the way that they work enabling for businesses to improve their chances at gaining more growth. Wikipedia writers are some of the moat talented and most creative individuals who can help guide your brand for the better, but the truth is that there is definitely a lot of stress that happens behind the scenes.

For example, a woman who has dealt with a lot of horrible abusive and sexual comments in the past on Wikipedia has struggled with her career in numerous ways. First of all, being a writer for Wikipedia is not easy because of their strict guidelines and also because of the people who use the site. There are some horrible people out there, and the truth is that some writers on their platform will make fun of each other.

A young woman who started writing for Wikipedia at the age of 12 has gone through some extensively horrible struggles because of the abuse she dealt with online. The truth is that being a writer on Wikipedia is abusive for numerous reasons. She decided to create an inspiring Wikipedia page about a female scientist for every single time that they end up giving her a horrible abusive comment. Dealing with hate all the time, she has learned that Wikipedia is a tough place to be, and that being a writer on here really pushes her to the next level.

If you’d like to be on Wikipedia, you will come to find that hiring Wiki writers from a credible source such as a Wiki writing service is the best practice, and Get Your Wiki can make that happen. In fact, it is this company that has all kinds of unique and talented Wiki experts for hire that can provide you with some extensively powerful tricks to make a Wiki page for your business or for you as an individual or update a Wikipedia page that already exists. This company is definitely one of the most respected in these world right now in the world of Wikipedia for numerous reasons, but the truth remains that they definitely know what they are doing when it comes down to creating quality Wikipedia content.

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Qnet Supporting Visionary Women Achieve Their Dreams Through Economic Empowerment

Qnet has been the greatest firm that has managed to succeed in the direct selling industry through tagging women along. Qnet has made women in the Philippines among other continents economically empowered just like the call from USAID. Most of the population composed I the direct selling industry is women who work at their own convenience and time especially if they have a self-drive. Empowering women economically no only changes their lives but also changes the lives of the family and their communities. An economically empowered woman will have the strength and ability to participate in other spheres of the society without any stabling block. Just like it has been supporting equality and women right Qnets move to allow women participation in the direct industry makes the firm exceptional in the whole world.

Apparently 74% of those participating in the direct selling industry are women. The women have the nurturing aspect in them that make them tolerate all challenges if there is a path to succeed. The fact that Qnet gives them flexible working hours and scheduled that fit the duties of the women to their family; increases productivity and profits for the company. All Qnet employees are aware of the importance of supporting the disadvantaged in the society.

Qnet is a global direct selling leader and company headquartered in Asia and a prominent firm in the e-commerce industry. The company has 25 agencies operating globally and has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mussaffa. The company is also very active in sports sponsorship globally and currently has established the direct selling dominance with the Manchester City football club which will be for three years. Qnet operates in 100 countries, and all is products are meant to enhance the life of all persons the products are a wide range and have been able to sail through the global market by the e-commerce strategy. The firm gains motivation from supporting sports in that the power of sports persons is what makes them winners. From the intrinsic drive to comprehensive teamwork; Qnet has applied that to its success.

Qnet has received a recognition award from Hong Kong for being the most influential company globally and its unending success. Qnet has even expanded its philanthropy to supporting Lions Club International with the slogan QNET- WE-CARE. The firm donated a kidney dialysis unit to Shirdi Sai hospital and are very focused on coming up with sustainability initiatives helping many community members. The life at Qnet and the inclusivity of its leaders and employees are unique; it is sure a company one would want to be associated with.

Gold And Silver Collecting Is Easy With U.S. Money Reserve.

What if I told you that it was easier than you think to get involved with gold and silver collecting, would you want to know more information? Of Course you would! It all starts with U.S. Money Reserve. According to cbs19 this is the only gold company ran by a former U.S. Mint Director. Philip N. Diehl was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. Mr. Diehl has seen frirst hand how inportant gold and silver are to our country. As a result he made it super easy for everyone to invest in presious metals using U.S.Money Reserve. Even everyday people know that it it a great idea to buy gold and silver. This is often as far as people get because they don’t have any gold or silver buying experience. This is where the experts of U.S. Money Reserve comes in.
Owning precious metals is not something new. Gold and silver are always valuable during downturns of the economy and people love to invest and collect them. U.S. Money Reserve allows people to collect gold and silver without the need to study for years. You can use the knowledge of the professionals of U.S. Money Reserve to start your very own collection. U.S. Money Reserve offers coins of gold and silver to the public. You can use their website and place orders online. They will have your gold and sliver coins delivered right to your door.

Gold and Silver are being called the last of the true currencies and they have never been easier to own. You can reach out to a U.S. Money Reserve account executive who is experienced. They will be glad to talk about your goals and answer any questions that you have about precious metals or the company. At U.S. Money Reserve their goal is to help you get started collecting the most valuable gold and silver on the market.

By using the professionals at U.S. Money Reserve you can buy gold and silver in coins, bars and bullion. Keep in mind that you are buying real metals that you can touch. This is not a certificate make from paper that says you own gold or silver that is locked away in a vault somewhere. This is the real deal. U.S Money Reserve has many satisfied customers and they are adding more and more everyday.

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How White Shark Media is helping Businesses Grow

Many small and medium sized businesses find it hard to survive mainly because they lack the opening and funds to publicize the products and services that they offer. White Shark media saw this as an opportunity to offer proficient marketing services to help in the growth of their businesses. This would give owners ample time to run their upstarts without worrying about publicity. It mostly offers online marketing services to firms at a fee. To enhance customer satisfaction, the company offers them the chance to give their reviews about the services it offers. The reviews are taken in good faith and used to enhance the quality of services offered.

Concerns Raised and how they have been addressed

Clients who felt that communication was not up to standard and that reaching out to a contact person was difficult had their apprehensions addressed. This was done through arranged Status Calls with GoToMeeting. In this case, they review the performance of their firms over the past one month to see what improvements can be made. This has come out to be an effective strategy that has won the hearts of many customers. Some clients have also been directly linked to their contact persons. As soon as they subscribe, particulars of their contact person are sent to them to guarantee continuous communication in the event of any hitches.

White Shark media clients who raised complaints about their long-standing campaigns performing in a superior way than the company’s new augmented campaigns are often provided with an enhanced product. In addition, the new product is often used in the first months as much as possible to replicate previous results. Knowledgeable supervisors are also availed to provide their opinion and manage the enactment of the new campaign. These are just some of the complaints that the White Shark Media handles and uses to enhance its services.

A Synopsis of White Shark Media

The company was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing online advertisement solutions, more so to startups and mid-sized companies. Since its inception, it has aided thousands of commercial entities to grow their market base by exploiting promotion strategies that are tailor made for different audiences. The founders wanted to deliver top notch and high end online promotion. They had the vision to gain dominance by delivering outstanding solutions, a feat that they have managed to achieve.

Services offered by White Shark media are affordable because the firm has an understanding that its clients are still in the lower echelons of the corporate world. Its rapid growth is however owed to its pioneering of reasonably priced Search Engine campaigns. It is due to this that it has been mentioned among the largest and rapidly expanding digital solutions providers in North America. Plans are currently underway to explore new frontiers in other parts of the world.

In The United States Presidential Candidates Aren’t Talking About A Global Recession But Billionaire Investor George Soros Is

George Soros has a lot to say on Bloomberg about United States politics. He has been investing large amounts of money in liberal candidates for years. This year he’s backing Hillary Clinton, but Clinton and all the other candidates aren’t talking about the elephant in the political room, according to Soros. That elephant is the pending global recession that will certainly derail some of the plans of the next president.

Listening to the presidential candidates this year has been entertaining, annoying, senseless, and at times, ridiculous. They all talk about ISIS and Syria and a couple of them touch on the Ukraine issue. Climate change is another topic, but the fact that it is costing hundreds of billions of dollars, and is destabilizing other countries isn’t mentioned.

But the most avoided issue, even though the economy is one of the main concerns of voters, is the threat of a major global recession. Not one candidate has mentioned the fact that emerging markets have been battling recessionary forces for the last two years, but George Soros is talking about that fact. Soros recently express his views about the forthcoming global recession to

During the interview, George Soros predicted that the world economic growth will fall below 2.5 percent in 2016. In 2017, growth will contract, and that’s not the kind of news politicians like to talk about. One reason they don’t discuss a recession is they don’t know what a recession is, and what it can do to a country that is experiencing one.

But Soros said that people should look and observe what is happening in Brazil to understand the economic devastation a recession causes. Brazil export business is down, their currency has lost 40 percent of its value over the last two years, and their government is being forced to inject billions of capital reserve dollars into their domestic economy. Soros also said unemployment is Brazil is pushing 10 percent and inflation is on the verge of breaking that 10 percent figure.

The recent tremors in the stock markets that erased more than $8 trillion from the books is one of the signs that a U.S. recession is brewing, according to Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros has successfully predicted past recessions with incredible accuracy. Even though other economists say the U.S. economy is still growing, Soros says that growth cycle is about to end. Global economic troubles are obvious, according to Soros.

The BRICS countries are in an economic mess. Russia, South Africa, Taiwan are in recession mode and the economies of India and Indonesia are slowing down. And the Japanese economy is already contracting, and it is on the doorstep of a deflation mode. When crude oil prices are added to the conversation, other South American countries join the recession list as well.

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“Queens Of Drama” Seek To Produce New Drama

The daytime TV industry has been changing by large amounts over the last few years as the traditional soap opera genre has been replaced by reality TV and game shows. In response to the ever growing number of unscripted and scripted reality TV being shown a group of former soap opera stars have recently joined forces to create a production company charged with providing networks with a new daytime drama. The “Queens Of Drama” are an all female production company who feel they can provide a high quality drama in a modern style that will be picked up after a successful pilot by a major TV network.

The “Queens Of Drama” include some of the best known faces from soap operas including “The Bold And The Beautiful” and “Guiding Light”. One of the best loved stars of the show is a former “Guiding Light” actress who is now best known for her role in “One Life To Live”, Crystal Hunt; during her career Crystal Hunt became a soap opera legend as Stacy Morasco after appearing in “One Life To Live”. Hunt had already won awards for her performances in “Guiding Light” when she returned to TV as the often evil Stacy Morasco, a character she channels during the scripted scenes of “Queens Of Drama”.

Despite the success she has enjoyed as a star of the soap opera genre, Crystal Hunt has not stuck rigidly to this area of the entertainment industry, but has instead sought to challenge herself in a number of different roles. One of the most famous movie performances Hunt has given was in “The Derby Stallion” opposite Zac Efron. Despite her many appearances in other media Crystal Hunt has remained a fan favorite for those who remember the character of Stacy Morasco, which prompted producers to bring the character back as a ghostly vision trapped in Hell during the final episodes of “One Life To Live”.

The “Queens Of Drama” TV show sees many viewers look to each episode in a bid to see the major stars they remember from the 1980s to the present day of soap operas return to the screen. Alongside “Magic Mike: XXL” star Crystal Hunt, fans see soap stars as varied as “The Bold And The Beautiful” actress Hunter Tylo and “One Life To Live” star Renee Elise Goldsberry return to the screen. Perhaps the biggest reason for watching for nostalgia fans is the clash that is bound to happen when “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills meets up once again with “Dynasty” icon Joan Collins during the second season of “Queens Of Drama”.  Ms. Hunt has a huge Facebook following, which is a credit to the popularity of her performances.  She is also one of the most well reviewed starlets on Metacritic, further showing Crystal’s staying power as a soap star.

George Soros’ Approach To The Current Economic and Political Situation

There are some people that feel that the economy is currently headed in a very concerning direction. In fact, some experts think that the situation is just as bad as it was in 2008 prior to the crash. The famous and highly successful European investor, George Soros, feels that this is where the economy is currently headed. He has spread word of his dire predictions at a recent speech in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Many people have been quite startled to hear that such a well known investor feels that the economy could be headed in such a bad direction. This kind of dire warning from someone as credible as George Soros is something that needs to be taken seriously. He also has an interesting opinion about the current political situation. He is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he donated a significant amount of money to her campaign.
Although George Soros feels that the current economic situation is extremely dire, he does believe that there is hope. He feels that if the Chancellor of Germany acts quickly to avert the current migrant crisis in Europe, it could avert disaster. He feels that the crash would happen if the migrant crisis and other economic problems in Europe are not quickly solved. He believes that this could cause the collapse of the European Union. In turn, he believes that this would cause a downward spiral for the global economy. Luckily, he does feel that the German Chancellor may be able to stop this from happening. We can only hope that she is able to avert this crisis, because this crisis could potentially cause serious economic pain for numerous people all around the world.

George Soros also feels that Hillary Clinton would make a very competent president. He feels that she would do a good job of navigating the current economic and political situation. George Soros has a history of donating to liberal candidates in American politics and supporting American democrats. In fact, he even worked to get George Bush removed from office. He even donated a substantial sum of 20 million dollars to this cause. He also supported Barrack Obama with his campaign. Nowadays, George Soros wishes that he supported Hillary Clinton instead. With this current election cycle, he has been one of the larger donors to her campaign. The 8 million dollars that he has given to the Hillary Clinton campaign has the potential to make a real difference in the election.

George Soros has made some frightening predictions, and his warnings should be heeded. However, he does feel that there is hope for the economy. He also feels that Hillary Clinton offers promise for the current world situation. In showing of his support, he has donated a large sum of 8 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.