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CCMP Capital: Understanding Private Equity Investment Firms

Private equity investing is a great way to amass a fortune in the investment industry. Many people choose this type of investment because of the ease of getting into the industry and the available professional guidance. CCMP Capital is one of the most respected companies in the private equity investment field, and has provided outstanding services for many years.

As the Wall Street investment industry attracts the best and most experienced in corporate America, the professionals at these organizations are usually highly effective in setting up investment finances and in boosting the values of their portfolio companies. There is also intense competition in the M&A marketplace for really good companies to purchase.

Are you searching online for a reliable investment advisor or financial solutions professional? Want to select a highly renowned investment professional or company that renders top notch private equity investment solutions? Investing in private equity or any other opportunity requires a through research, and quality advice and guidance provided by a reputable professional or company. That’s where CCMP Capital can help.

There are some things to consider when you’re preparing to make investment in an opportunity or a business. It is certainly imperative to check the experience of the financial services or investment firm prior to entering into a contract or any sort of business agreement with them. Although there are numerous investment companies and professionals around offering to guide and advice you, always remember that not all investment professionals have the superb resources or expertise to ensure your success.

CCMP Capital is a highly regarded investment services company, with a quality team of the most dedicated experts in the field. CCMP Capital has been around for a long time and has provided excellent guidance to numerous investors, both businesses and individual clients.

If you are looking for a company that provides honest and reliable services, then CCMP Capital is your clear choice. Strephen Murray CCMP Capital encourages integrity and transparency in all of its dealings with clients and has a great reputation in the industry.

CCMP Capital specializes in buyouts and growth equity transactions. The company invests in telecom and media; industrial; consumer, retail, and services; energy; healthcare infrastructure; and financial services sectors. For more information, it is advisable to visit the website of CCMP Capital and get in touch with their professionals.

Stephen Murray was a great investment professional. Stephen Murray was the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, and provided quality services to both beginning and experienced investors. Stephen was highly knowledgeable and experienced in asset management and investment solutions and was highly regarded in the industry. Stephen was well respected and liked by both peers and clients. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

Zayn Malik Shows a Different Side

Zayn Malik has become an impressive solo artist even though he has not made a lot of solo music. He is building a good track record for himself with a hot new single called “Pillow Talk.” What is fascinating fans is the that this something that is rising on the R&B charts. People were getting excited about what Malik was doing, but everything was kept under wraps.

Zayn Malik said that he wanted to completely drop out of music for a while because he was tired of the whole touring business. This is very similar to what Jon Urbana shared with his connections on He came home when his relationship was starting to fall apart. He would become someone that has emerged with a different sound and a different mindset. Malik isn’t holding back when it comes to sex. He is going head on with a video that contains nudity and explicit lyrics.

It appears that Zayn is ready to become that sex symbol that will take the place that Justin Timberlake stood in before he became a married man. Fans are still pleased with the Justin Timberlake sound, but Zayn is part of a new generation. He is someone that would become a sex symbol for a new generation.

Everyone seems to like the new single. The solo artist that is Malik is completely different from the group known as One Direction. There are people that going to want to see what Malik will do next.

Pet Food That Is High in Creativity

Developers of pet food have started marketing to new generation of pet owners. These are not the old men and women that were merely buying a non-descriptive dog food. This is the new generation of portable tablets and smart phone users. This the generation of dog owners that are getting all of their information via social media. It takes a special kind of dog food for these customers to really express interest in something new and exciting. That is why the developers of the pet brands are doing more marketing of premium dog food. This is what is keeping the customers in anticipation of something that they can buy for their dogs. That is how the market is changing, and customers are certainly embracing this type of change.

Beneful is the rising star in the dog food industry because it has so many diversity. There are wet and dry foods. There are baked treats. There is a whole bevy of delightful Beneful food that most dogs will eat without issues. The selection if vast and it is easy to see how the Beneful brand has become so incredibly popular over all these years. This is the sign of a company that is producing the high quality dog food.

Creativity is the key to the new upsurge of dog food. There are so many people that are embracing this type of new superior food because it proves to be a lot more effective. More dog owners are going to become fans of this trend as their favorite brands step up with more quality foods. Natural Balance is one company that is producing some first-class food. Salters is another brand that is producing high quality dog food. These are the lesser known brands that are just trying to catch up to bigger brands like Beneful.

Beneful is that brand that has become the stress-free dog food brand. The commercials are on television quite often. The posters for this type of food can be seen everywhere. There are large varieties on the shelves. The company has high quality ingredients that consumer can trust.




Dick DeVos Looks To Make A Splash In The Liquor Industry

An application to transfer the liquor license of a distillery to a new owner has rarely seen as much interest as that of the recent approval of Windquest Group as the owner of the Coppercraft Distillery. Coppercraft was established by Walter Catton III in 2013 and was recently purchased by Windquest Group, which is owned and operated by Dick DeVos. The AmWay executive is reported by MLive to have continued his investment in the state of Michigan by taking control of the Holland Township based distillery that Catton III has been hoping to develop further in the coming months.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dick DeVos was born into the family owning the AmWay company, but did not find his future set in stone because of the position of his family.

Instead of being sent to the best schools in the U.S. Dick DeVos was sent to study in the Michigan public school system, before embarking on jobs throughout the AmWay comapny to complete his education.

As a business person the work of Dick DeVos has seen him push the AmWay company to new levels of success on a global scale. Wikipedia reports DeVos was initially given a position of authority with AmWay in the mid 1980s to oversee the business of the company in around 18 countries worldwide. The company initially saw the business of the company in these countries rise from five percent of revenue to around 50 percent by the mid 1990s. 

Dick DeVos is hoping to bring his successful business history to the growth of Coppercraft Distillery, which sees its future outside the confines of Michigan and its neghboring states. Walter Catton III has already discussed the need to improve facilities within the distillery itself to attract new visitors to the tasting room, which will soon include a kitchen to provide snacks during tasting sessions. The initial application for the Dick DeVos backed Windquest Holdings to take over Coppercraft’s liquor production should achieve final approval around six months after the application was made.

Learn more about Dick by taking a look at the family foundation he and his wife Betsy founded themselves to back their philanthropic endeavors.

Xerem Flooding Shows The Emergency Response Skills Of Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is well known on twitter and in Brazil as the State Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro and as one of the best known medical professionals in South America. Upon his appointment to the role of Secretary of Health Cortes set about assembling an impressive team of individuals to care for the health of the people of the state. Extra explains just how important the assembly of a team of medical professionals and administrators became when the Xerem region was struck by severe flooding in 2013.

Sergio Cortes has spent the majority of his Linked In career seeking out the best ways of assisting the people of the world in having access to the best information on how to remain as healthy as possible. Amongst the ways Cortes has sought to educate and inform the public include his own Website and many social media platforms, including Twitter and Linkedin. Responding in a timely fashion to any medical emergency is important to Cortes and remains so in his personal response to the growing crisis caused by the Zika virus; Cortes has discussed the crisis with Dino to provide information on symptoms to be looked for amongst the many communities affected.

The problems caused by the 2013 flooding in Xerem required a quick response from health officials in the state of Rio de Janeiro, including Sergio Cortes who spent a large amount of time in the area as the crisis happened. The first step for Cortes was to undertake a series of monitoring options that included establishing just what was needed within the Xerem region. Working with national agencies saw Cortes and the officials he appointed distribute an initial emergency response kit supplied by national health authorities. This emergency kit included antibiotics and other medical equipment designed to treat people affected by medical conditions caused by the flooding problems.

Cortes continued to remain in close contact with the national health agencies supplying disaster supplies and conducting medical tests on the people of Xerem to make sure any outbreak of illness could be quickly controlled. The team created by Cortes includes a number of specialists who quickly identified the need for clean water in the area, which led to the establishment of hydration centers capable of providing clean water for around 300 people per day in the flood ravaged area.